In anthropology, liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that . Turner also worked on the idea of communitas, the feeling of camaraderie associated among a group experiencing the same liminal. Communitas is a Latin noun commonly referring either to an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community. It also has special significance as a loanword in cultural anthropology and the social sciences. Victor Turner, who defined the anthropological usage of communitas, was Communitas is characteristic of people experiencing. Liminality, the Liminoid and Communitas: Why Rites of Passage Matter Still Turner: “I see [the liminal] as a kind of institutional capsule or pocket which.

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Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. This brings everyone onto an equal level—even if people are higher in positions, they were lower at one point and know what that means.

She is always regarded as too beautiful to be human yet not quite a goddess, establishing her liminal existence. Views Read Edit View history.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. They are optional activities of leisure that place both the spectator and the competitor in in-between places outside of society’s norms.

At Gateshead, Jane is noted to be set apart and on the outside of the family, putting her in a liminal space in which she neither belongs nor is completely cast away. Views Read Edit View history.

The category could also hypothetically and in fiction include cyborgshybrids between two species, shapeshifters. Sudden events affecting one’s life death, divorce, illness or individualized ritual passage baptism, ritual passage to adulthood, as for example among the Ndembu. Teenagers, being neither children nor adults, are liminal people: That no man’s land represents the limbo associated with liminality.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dialectical Anthropology, 26, pp. His concepts of symbols and social dramas have become useful commuintas anthropological textbooks. The insights that Turner added to van Gennep ‘s concept of the liminal phase in rites of passage have been taken up by scholars in a wide variety of fields.


They even show how scattered facts may be systematically connected! InItalian philosopher Roberto Esposito published a book under the name Communitas challenging the traditional understanding of this concept. Anthropologist Victor Turner made a huge contribution to anthropology by reintroducing the concept of “liminality” into the anthropological discourse. More conventionally, springs, caves, shores, rivers, volcanic calderas—’a huge crater of an extinct volcano This section needs additional liminailty for verification.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Communitas is an acute point of community. While observing the Ndembu, Turner became intrigued by the nature and function of rituals and rites of passage.

Ritual and myth were, in the past, exclusively connected to collective work that served holy and often symbolic purposes; liminal rites were held in the form of coming-of-age ceremonies, celebrations of seasons, and more.

Text and Performance Quarterly. Turner spent his career exploring rituals. It takes community to the next level and allows the whole of the community to share a common experience, usually through a rite of passage.

The exegetical meaning is subjective, as explained by the person performing the ritual. Cultural anthropology Anthropology of religion Crossroads mythology.

This liminal state of being betwixt and between is emotional and uncomfortable as the researcher uses self-reflexivity to interpret field observations and interviews. An anthropological rite, especially a rite of passageinvolves some change to the participants, especially their social status.


Communitas is also the title of a book published in by the 20th-century American thinker and writer Paul Goodman and his brother, Percival Goodman. Turner confirmed his nomenclature for limiality three phases of passage from one culturally defined state or status to another In contemporary culture viewing the nightclub experience dancing in a nightclub through the liminoid framework highlights the ‘presence or absence of opportunities for social subversion, escape from social structures, and exercising choice’.


Victor Commujitas and Contemporary Cultural Performance. Turner took an interest is the second phase of Van Gennep’s model — that of liminality. Second, Turner attributed a rather univocally positive connotation to liminal situations, as ways of renewal when liminal situations can be periods of uncertainty, anguish, even existential fear: The congregation is transformed in the liminal limonality and as they exit, are sent out back into the world to serve.

However increased participation also blurs the role of the researcher in data collection and analysis.

Liminality – Wikipedia

Symbolic Action in Human Society There is more than one distinction between structure and communitas, the most familiar being the difference between secular and sacred. The classic tale of Cupid and Psyche amd as an example of the liminal in myth, exhibited through Psyche’s character and the events she experiences.

OED Online Oxford 23, ; cf. Beyond this, utrner transition to immortality to live with Cupid serves as a liminal rite of passage in which she shifts from mortal to immortal, human to goddess; when Psyche drinks the ambrosia and seals her fate, the rite is completed and the tale ends with a joyous wedding and the birth of Cupid and Psyche’s daughter.

In such rites of passage, tturner experience is highly structured. In the context of rites, liminality is being artificially produced, as opposed to those situations such as natural disasters in which it can occur spontaneously. Here we find the final and most characteristic of the oppositions associated with or that dominate the alternative between public and private, those in other words that contrast ane to immunitas. The identity of ‘Godot’ is never revealed, and perhaps the men do not know Godot’s identity.

It was translated in English in by Timothy Campbell.