Highlights info row . viaje a ixtlan added 11 new photos to the album: images. September 29 ·. DESCARGA +++libro 7 de 13+++ eda, Este libro es muy bello, te hace reflexionar hasta lo mas profundo de tu ser y a la vez te deleita con los personajes. El primero en mostrar el verdadero.

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So if you are only planning on reading one, pick this one.

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

There was no public service, Castaneda was cremated and the ashes were sent to Mexico. I felt and absorbed don Juan’s teachings in a very heavy way. The line-per-line prose writing style of this books is of poor quality. Carlos cannot break away from don Juan, no matter how irrational, even crazy, he seems, and neither can we.

Viaje a Ixtlan : Las Lecciones de Don Juan

Although, I was, as I am sure many readers would be, torn as to how much of this story to believe actually happened. I took this book out of the library on a whim, because I like looking at different points of view. I wanted to like this book and expected to get a lot out of it as my first read by Castaneda, but I found I had to force myself to read it in fits and starts and it took me the better part of a month.

Castaneda’s constant interaction with don Juan, along with his fretting about how this could not be real, has the effect of making it seem real even when one knows it is not.

Not so much in The Teachings, but went off the charts in A Separate Reality and peaked in Journey to Ixtlan, which to me had the foundational conceptional focus points that form a solid basis for Independence-of-Being. No matter what ixtln does, he must first know why he is doing it, and then must proceed with his actions without having doubts or remorse llibro them.


Ok, I’m a boomer and I went through my own period of reading and living with Carlos Castaneda, his teacher Don Juan, and their world of indigenous Mexican shamanism.

Journey to Ixtlan

Castaneda describes his journey as an average guy through different spiritual rituals and experiences, as he is taught by Don Juan about the shamanistic view of life. View all 3 comments. The book can be a good passageway to realize that the world is more than our rationalistic eyes are used to conceive.

Don Juan was either made up by Castaneda, or he was based on a real person whom Castaneda used as a springboard for fictional tales.

Published February 1st by Washington Square Press first published Open Preview See a Problem? After years of pursuit, Castaneda decides he is not ready to take this final leap. Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan inCastaneda wrote a series of books that describe his purported training in traditional Mesoamerican shamanism.

But, it’s up to us, the reader, to make it our own, otherwise the value is meaningless. I strongly recommend that you read this mind-expanding book! Well, since you can’t be excited after explaining everything you have done, you lie in order to keep going.

I really appreciated the fact that he disregarded his original emphasis on the significance of phsychotropic drugs in the teachings of Don Juan and really focused more on the changing of one’s consciousness without using drugs. For a minute or so, I wandered aimlessly with nothing but the name “Carlos” in my head. Moehringer appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Jul 23, Douglas rated it it was amazing. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest you skip the first two books and begin the series with this one.


This is the real world, not our lives that our filled with ego and control. Return to Book Page.

If you are open to the teachings in these books, they can truly be powerful ixtlxn life-changing and, living far away from home as I was in my mids in Finland, I was captivated by Don Juan’s teachings since, as a youth, I had traveled a lot with my family in Mexico and the American Southwest so I could visualize from Finland the landscapes and culture they were part of.

It is books like this that I really enjoy finding. Aug 01, Syl Sabastian rated it it was livro.

Your trouble is that you have to explain everything to everybody, compulsively, and at the same time you want to keep the fresh newness of what you do. To arrive at that being is the not-doing of the self. A friend of mine, someone I’ve always admired, recently recommended this book along with several others. This book has so tremendous value in that regard. It is classified as a book of nonfiction, and it is written as a first person account as to what Carlos says he experienced. He weaves the concepts of some modern philosophers into an entertaining tale, filled with ideas to ponder and discuss.