Extract from the first chapter of the book “El poder de la vida” (The Power of Life) Acquire it here. “Psycho geometry is the study of the human being and his. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de videos, seminarios y cursos. Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como. Psico Geometría: el estudio de la geometría basado en la psicología infantil. Insegnamentimatematici e libri elementari nella prima metà dell’ Ottocento.

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It studies the structure and dynamics of geometry in every life process.

It seeks to expand harmonic inclusiveness so as to let us have a deeper connection with psicoggeometria and our environment. Psychogeometry is a branch of knowledge whose principles are applied to music, graphic design, architecture, art, dancing and therapy in order to uplift our human capacities and quality of life, inviting us to construct reality as ljbro geometric process of re-interpretation of the inner and outer universe.

The mind can be compared to the hard disk of a computer – the storage spot of information with its different levels- while the soul refers to the human capacity to re-order multiple pieces of information and create new ones.

Our mind is a setting of symbolic representation; while our soul is the combinatory art, our latent capacity to re-create ourselves and our environment. Psychogeometry studies the way in which the soul and the conscience together can inhabit harmonically the matter. We approached this research from a physiological, anatomical dimension, i. This is knowledge that allows creating a healthier living for the individual, the couple, the family and society by joining outer reality and inner life into two realities happening simultaneously, dancing intertwined.

The higher the level of fractality between inner and outer realities, the greater the harmonic implosion of the opposites, of the differences, and therefore, the greater the level of awareness in an individual.

Psycho geometry started in as a system of knowledge which provides a code to interpret the inner and outer worlds of the Human Being.

Psico geometria (Book, ) []

A teaching program is constructed from the semiology of forms and according to the laws of Sustainable Geometry, linking this study with scientific research on architecture, music, graphic design, biofeedback and art. It studies the link between matter and energy spirit in a harmonic way.

Everybody has had the experience of living both worlds ilbro, and sometimes they are apparently irreconcilable. At these times when the borderline between mysticism and science is becoming thinner and thinner, Sustainable Geometry seems to make this meeting possible.

Sacred Geometry is the fingerprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science whose teachings were incorporated into the Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek hermetic mystery schools.

We dwell in a semiotic Universe, i. We elaborate meanings from codes, structures, languages and symbols. Nature also has its own language: It makes use of Sacred Geometry to create life. Apart from this, different cultures have used its laws and codes to reproduce the harmony of the universe in distinct human manifestations. There currently exists a remarkable movement to remember those laws and apply them to the creation of structures more suitable to the principles of life.

Dan Winter, one of the most important scientists in Sacred Geometry, shows, through bio-feedback, how emotional coherence and brain-hemisphere coherence can create states of attention which help in mental health recovery and in the reduction of attention deficit disorder ADS in children, among other things.

Thus, geometry studies the proportions and measurements of the matter, that is to say, of the Earth; and it is Sacred since psicogeometfia is related to the principle of self-sustenance -as long as it can support itself.

Also, something is said libri be sacred when it is fractal, when it complies with the gnomonic principles —when the sum of each one of its parts is contained in its whole. As a complement of Sacred Geometry, psychogeometry is its practical application in our daily life. This is a study field that links the ancient practice of Sacred Geometry with other disciplines so as to uplift our human capacity and life quality.


It is an invitation to reestablish our capacity to love and to build bliss from a geometric process of reality interpretation. It stimulates the bond between objective reality and subjective conscience in order to live in greater peace. Psicogeometrja also brings the possibility of inner and outer development at the same time. Therefore, psychogeometry studies the way in which the soul can harmoniously inhabit the matter —how the human soul embodies and lives peacefully in its environment, in its context.

Sacred Geometry has part of its mathematical basis in three irrational numbers: Phi librl a simple irrational number with unusual mathematical properties; its value is 1. The phi-determined proportion was known by the Egyptians, Greeks psicogeometroa Mesoamerican cultures, and later adopted by the Renaissance artists, who called it the Divine Proportion. The straight-line segment produced by phi is known as Golden or Aural Section, this is the reason why phi is also known as the Golden Number.

We can have a straight line and choose to divide it at any point, but there is only one point in which the principle of the sacred psicogeomefria met. In the Christian philosophy these three forces are represented by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

In medieval alchemy, things were perceived as variant mixtures of salt, sulfur and mercury. In the Hindu Sankhya, a role is assigned to each of the three gunas: Rajas, Tamas and Satva. In Hinduism, the forces were embodied by Shiva, Parvati and Vishnu. In China, they have metaphysical quality in the interaction of the Yin, Yang and Tao. Phi is just the proportion of the segments of a line which results from dividing a line in a particular way. We can outline this as follows: Phi can be derived in three ways: From here, a golden spiral derives – the beautiful shell of Nautilus mollusk.

Psicogeometri width of the psicogeometeia in psicogeo,etria to its length approximates to phi. So does the hand in relation to its forearm. So does the distance of the phalanges. And the location of the eyes is in phi proportion in relation to the length of the head. In addition, when we ligro or we are relaxed, in each psicogeometriaa, the systole and diastole are separated at the rate of phi. Also, let us observe the form of the ear: Phi is also found in plants in phylotaxis and in Architecture, for example, in Stonehenge, Notre Dame, the Greek Parthenon, in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and in other pyramids of Psciogeometria.

Teotihuacan pyramid has multiples and submultiples of phi. Implosion creates and stimulates life, opposite to explosion which destroys and annihilates it. The suction to the inner self is known in Psychogeometry as the Science of Implosion. Implosion is the counterpart of explosion and it is the only one that generates and promotes life.

The mitotic cellular reproduction consists of creating two cells out of one by an interior division. The process continues and the two newly created duplicate and form four cells, then eight, sixteen, and so on and so forth.

The same happens in the manifestation process of sexual energy, feminine as well as masculine. The implosion of both energies expresses life.

In psychogeometry, these processes are created as unlimited sources of life. It is worth mentioning that the Science of Implosion serves to develop different levels of conscience in our life. For example, in sexuality, linked to the tetrahedron one of the five Platonic solidswe can find four vertexes or pairs of donuts nested on their vertexes without destroying themselves. From psivogeometria comes the origin of sexual polarity. The Yin and Yang, the principle of polarity in the Taoist philosophy, have its geometric origin in the donut or tube torus.

Sexuality has many facets, but one of the most important ones, linked to the tetrahedron, is to fit anywhere it is present. We normally use sexual energy as a source of life to carry out different activities, but only when lbro energy is well channeled by the tetrahedron, we can connect the different worlds of conscience in which we dwell.

The tetrahedron invites us to place this energy, anchoring it in the earth and thus making all our sexual potential express on earth so as to create greater abundance in the matter and spirit. These are stages of our sexual life that we must understand so as to experience every aspect of our lives in greater fullness and joy.


Different therapies speak about the necessity of ordering internal events in such a way that any contradiction can be solved, and of generating a conscience of unity.

The visualization of geometric mandalas and our capacity to sensor an electromagnetic field of a body are two very important devices to familiarize with Sacred Geometry and the forms of the Universe. This helps us to develop our capacities of directed attention, memory and perception. Water is of greater consciousness and abundance in our bodies and in our planet, and can be pwicogeometria by geometric patterns of thoughts or emotions, as it is demonstrated by several scientists in the world.

We would say that, beyond words, it is the mere geometric intention of thoughts or emotions that creates and decodes Nature. The Pentaflower is the most finished power image of Pscogeometria Geometry.

Furthermore, it promotes conscience, life and health. When it is properly used in geomancy or in reticular science, the Pentaflower orders and structures energy, making it find the right turn and place itself harmonically in a specific space. Geometrically, it is built on a pentagonal base and has five golden spirals to the left and other five to the right.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

Psychogeometry is the study of the human being by the mathematical principles and practices of Sustainable Geometry. It serves to uplift our quality of life, to solve conflicts of couples, family and group; it reestablishes our capacity of loving and building our own bliss as a geometrical process of reality interpretation, inviting us to develop sexual, instinctive, motor, emotional and intellectual conscience. There are three essential principles of Sacred Geometry:.

The Octave Principle, or Transformation, which explains the process that events undergo so as to get unfolded in time and lets us know the way in which waves expand in order to change our life direction towards greater plenitude.

Sacred Geometry is based on three mathematical numbers: If we visualize it, we will have a tube torus. Psychogeometry is an organic knowledge which derives from the arrangement of the Soul under the principles of Sacred Geometry: Psychogeometry studies the functional and structural dimension of the Soul.

This field of study inevitably leads us to the understanding of the human being as an individual created from the interpretation and signification derived from a principle of sensory reality.

Psico geometria

Psychogeometry explains how the world of the object and subject is created and how they can interact healthily. Psychogeometry invites us to the expansion of our inner scenery of conscience by means of developing our sexual, instinctive, motor, intellectual and emotional potential, aimed at the creation of the Soul.

The mind is in fact an environment of psicogeomehria representation, while the Soul is a geometric model of functional interconnections. Moreover, Sacred Geometry studies all patterns and proportions of the order of the Universe. The Golden Proportion mathematically supports this learning and shows the way in which matter is organized before being as such.

To sum up, Sacred Geometry is a metaphor of the relation between the Universe and the patterns and proportions that underlie as the material base for all its forms and expressions. The Unified Field exists because there is a fractal toroid. Life is possible due to a deep interconnection of all its elements. Context limits and strengthens the contextualized. The Universe is oibro of wave-particles which vibrate in different proportions, frequencies and geometries.

This is a major aspect to emphasize for the difference in the nature of the universe is only a difference lbiro geometry hidden behind its material expression.