The System Manual is the basis for the description of the vector frequency inverter. Together with the System Manual (extension), document number. The vector range of frequency inverters is also perfectly equipped to handle complex applications, such as deployments in dosing, filling and feedforward. Lenze Global Drive – Technology on Board. servo inverter. Carl-Bosch- Straße 8. Lengerich/Germany. Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0).

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Codes defined in C All available codes listed in ascending order C Codes in parameter set 1 C Codes in parameter set 2 C Codes in parameter set 3 C Codes in parameter lehze 4 C Parameter set management Parameter set transfer, restore delivery status.

Display codes to monitor the drive. Fault analysis with history buffer.

930 Quick configuration of predefined applications Configuration of the user menu The predefined applications depend on the type of the standard device frequency inverter, servo inverter, position controller, Configuration of the main function blocks.


Connection of inputs and outputs with internal signals. State bus not with frequency inverter.

Configuration of internal control parameters. Current controller or torque controller. Phase controller not with frequency inverter.

Input of motor data, configuration of speed feedback. Configuration of feedback systems. Configuration of monitoring functions.

servo PLC – Lenze in the Americas. As easy as that.

Menu structure, Parameter setting — Lenze 0. C PS 1 Codes in parameter set 1 C C PS 2 Codes in parameter set 2 C C PS 3 Codes in parameter set 3 C C PS 4 Codes in parameter set 4 C Input of motor data, configuration of speed feedback Motor adj Motor data Feedback Configuration of feedback systems Monitoring Configuration of monitoring functions.

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