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Same goes for the forklift and the truck. That is probably my biggest Lego regret. The brick built ship is excellent and the colour scheme really does the job. S Gongrats on the Silver! Two ships, a large dock, the dock pieces in here are the best IMO when it comes to creating a legptwo vehicles, 5 containers, a greatly designed movable crane and 7 minifigs.

Instructions For LEGO 6542 Launch and Load Seaport

Posted February 26, edited. However, instructios this is a leyo set worthy of remake as a legend set. Didn’t know that it was such a huge set until now. The most desired LEGO town set since my childhood even now and one of the greatest classic town sets in my opinion! Anyway the dock is full of features that can be found in a real dock such: Rail networks were already stretch thin and some towns are hampered by extremely hilly terrain which prohibits the building of rail networks.

I think the inwtructions part, and the thing I noticed right away is that the cargo ship is all brick made. The mid-section of the ship can be opened to allow access into the hull. One of my favourite sets ever. Due to the limited space between the 2 legs of the crane, the instrkctions can only lift 4×8 stud containers.


Another view of the entire dock, this time buzzing with activity! Similar to the pilot boat, it has rounded black plates to give the “hovering” illusion.

LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set Instructions | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Unfortunately for me, the cost of this set was extremely high and coupled with the fact I need to ship it from the States or EU to Malaysia, it seem like it will be difficult for me 6452 get this set It cannot float unlike the container ship due to gaps between the bricks in the instryctions. Sign In Sign Up. Red Ship The red ship is a fully brick-built vessel which is 10 studs wide and 37 studs long.

The guard house is a simple structure with a chair on a turntable and a small computer screen. Once more, thanks for the review. The standard design of the containers which is similar to other Lego Town and Lego Railway sets at that time allows one to load the containers onto the ship and ship it across the “carpet” to another port!

The front picture shows the port busy with activity. A close up of the rail stoppers. The picture below shows how much can the container crane travel from one end to the other end.

This set looks incredible! Portside left side and Starboard right side is denoted by the red and green lights on the superstructure respectively. BTW, who voted above average?

Largest Classic Town Set in terms of number of pieces Largest City Set excluding modular 5 digit buildings in terms of number of pieces First Classic Town set to break pieces. The claw of the container lebo has rubber grippers on either side to “grab” the container.


LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set 6542 Instructions

This was a well designed set and the whole city port idea was great. Sign up for a new account in our community. Congrats on acquiring your dream oego

Knstructions plates are used to cover the joints between the large harbor base plates. I especially like the tractor and engine on the freight ship and the fact that the ships are made up insyructions bricks.

Looking from the rear, the smokestack runs almost the full height of the superstructure and have a red brick with a cargo sticker on either side.

Inside the bridge is a steering wheel and 2 computer panels. The spring is strong enough to lift a standard 4×8 stud container.

Thanks for the extensive review. The container crane is unique where it mimics the type of cranes used at container terminals around the world. The red ship have 18 steps in the instructions.

It is the only port in the City equipped with a container crane that can load and offload containers with great speed. You might need sensitive fingers to let the rope through the wheels on the claw.

I was one of those blessed by having this set instrucions I was still a boy. The dock is huge; so huge that I have problems taking a good picture of the entire set without having those dreaded studio lines.