In Latin, Tessera had the particular meaning of a tally or token which was divided among friends in order that they or their descendants might always recognise. Tessera Antiphon. Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array? (Make the Sign of . Legion of Mary Tessera. OPENING PRAYERS. (Make the Sign of the Cross). In the name of the Father, etc. Come, 0 Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful, and .

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St John the Evangelist R. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.

As it was in the beginning, etc. Duff subsequently tessra down the system of the Legion in the Handbook of the Legion of Mary in The Tessera consists of the Invocation, prayers to the Holy Spirit, the Rosarythe Catena, and the concluding prayers of the Tessera.

Legion Prayers | Legion Prayers | Legion of Mary

Our Father, Hail Mary. Glory be to thee who destroyest heresies and crushest demons! Through Christ our Lord. ,ary include five decades of the Rosary. A leaflet called the Tessera, containing the Prayers of the Legion and bearing a reproduction of the Legion Picture, shall be issued to every member, active and auxiliary. The basic unit of the Legion is called a Praesidiumwhich is normally based in a parish.


Weak belief in God? Membership in Ireland had been declining, but the Concilium’s efforts to attract younger by the Deus et Patria movement has caused a substantial increase [ quantify ] in membership. The three parts take up about 25 minutes in total and can be said all together by auxilaries. Concluding Prayer Let Us Pray.

The Legion soon spread around the world. Active members under 18 are not allowed to give the “Legion promise” until that age. On the right side of Mary, the vexillum Legionis the standard of the gessera is placed. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael R.

As it was in the beginning levion now, and ever shall be, world without end. It has a statue of the Virgin Mary represented standing legipn a globe, her arms extended, crushing the serpent with her footwhich is placed on a white tablecloth, which has “Legio Mariae” written on it. Finally, the new tasks for the legionaries are distributed. These so aid intercommunication as to be quite indispensable.

Frank Duff maintained that the Legion proposes a way of life more than just the doing of a particular work. Immaculate Heart of Mary R. The Catena Legionis Antiphon.

Legion of Mary – Wikipedia

These prayers are said by active members at their weekly meeting and are divided up into three parts during the meeting; The Rosary, the Catena and the concluding prayers. The Legion’s vexillium legionis bears the Holy Lgeion image in the form of a dove.


Saints Peter and Paul R. By Baptism one is made another Christ or as St. As it was in the beginning, etc.

Legion of Mary

Send forth Your Spirit, O Lord, and they shall be created. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You sent the Spirit on Your Church to begin the teaching of the gospel: John the Baptist R. Then follow five decades of the Rosary with the Hail, Holy Queen. Confer, O Lord, on us, who serve beneath the standard of Mary, that fullness of faith in You and trust in her, to which it is given to conquer the world.

Legion of Mary Tessera Prayers These are the requested daily prayers of both active and auxiliary members of the Legion of Mary. Glory be to thee, O Empress of the world! True Devotion to Mary.