Find great deals for LeCroy HDO Digital Oscilloscope. Shop with $ LeCroy L Digital Oscilloscope (DC-1GHz, 4-Channel, Powers-Up. The L is a 1 GHz, 4 channel digital oscilloscope from LeCroy. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display. ADE, Driver Type, Interface(s), Options, NI Certified, Rating. LabWindows/CVI Measurement Studio for Visual Studio, Plug and Play, IEEE (GPIB), None.

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With 1 GHz bandwidth and long acquisition memories, it is now possible to reveal previously hidden waveform details. Narrow glitches are more lecrky defined; risetime measurements below 1 nanosecond are more precise; and high-frequency content, filtered out in lower bandwidth systems, is retained, thereby preserving signal amplitudes and overall signal integrity. Thus, it is ideal for demanding high speed applications.

LeCroy L Oscilloscope – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Finer horizontal resolution and accuracy are assured leceoy high sample rates. This is especially critical in digital design where unpredictable circuit behavior needs to be identified and analyzed in detail to be fully understood.

The innovative pecroy mode enables glitch capture even at the slowest time settings without loss of precision. The memory power is revealed when the user seeks to sample at the highest speed over many timebase settings. DSO’s with less memory may boast a high sample rate for short waveforms, but only LeCroy’s long memory oscilloscope can deliver high sample rates for long waveforms. To exploit this capability to its fullest, the LeCroy AL combines its channel acquisition memories to give the user up to 8 million sample points, thereby providing the waveform detail required on long and complex signals.


The combined capabilities of the place it in the forefront of DSO capability. The result is that the AL enables you to capture 2 millisecond of signal duration with ps real time sample resolution. This captures fast glitches by running the ADC’s at a high sampling rate even at slow time base settings thereby capturing signal details that might have been missed due to under sampling.

LeCroy HDO4032 Digital Oscilloscope

At the same time the scope stores the underlying data to ensure no loss of time precision – unlike other peak detect systems. Pre and Post-trigger delay are fully variable, Time and Events Holdoff are also included. Waveform Limit Testing can also be performed lexroy Masks which may be defined inside the leroy. The offers an optional internal printer which can produce a X 90 mm lecroyy resolution screen dump in under 10 seconds at the push of a button. The Trigger can be defined as the beginning or end of the specified pattern.

The delay between these events can be defined as a number of events on the trigger channel or as a time interval. Number of segments available: Vectors may be switched off.

LeCroy HDO Digital Oscilloscope | eBay

Zoom factors up to ,x for the L with all channels combined. The length of each memory lecoy equal to the data acquisition memory. The corresponding frequency value is displayed. Up to a million sweeps are possible with Option WP Sampled data is always available, even when a trace is turned off. Any of 3984l above modes can be invoked without destroying the data. Amplitude 2 mV to 40 V; frequency above 50Hz; Duty cycle greater than 0. Functions can be chained together, allowing complex computations.

  EUSA REG 600-2 PDF

Waveform operations can be performed on live, stored, processed or expanded waveforms without altering the original capture data.

LeCroy 9384L

Optional Spectral Analysis Package – WP02 Option WP02 provides comprehensive Spectral Analysis lecroj permitting the system designer to identify characteristics which may not be apparent in levroy time domain.

WP02 provides a wide selection of windowing functions as well as averaging in the frequency domain see page 59 of Catalog. Spectral analysis can be performed on repetitive and single-shot waveforms, on any part or zoomed portions of a waveform up to 4M points, not just the first 10k points of the waveform. Detailed statistical analysis can easily be performed on difficult to measure waveform phenomena such as amplitude fluctuation and timing jitter.

Live histogram displays represent the statistical distribution of the user selected waveform parameter measurements. Statistical information can be extracted directly from ldcroy histograms using automatic statistical measurement including max, min, average, median, and std.