The information in the AHEGS comes from the La Trobe’s student information system. If you find any error on the statement, such as a spelling error or missing . ASSIGNMENT DECLARATION FORM. Plagiarism occurs in a situation in which there is a legitimate expectation of original authorship. • in order to obtain. Clarify the criteria for honestly and fairly attributing authorship for research outputs;; Ensure that about authorship; and; Ensure that researchers appropriately affiliate research outputs to La Trobe University. Section 3 – Policy Statement.

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You can provide feedback on this policy to the document author – refer to the Status and Details on the document’s navigation bar.

ASK La Trobe – Current Students

Section 1 – Background and Purpose 1 This Policy states the requirements for the attribution and management of research authorship in line with criteria set out in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research the Code. The primary objectives of this Policy are to: Autorship purpose of this document is to:.

It also seeks to minimise disputes about authorship and to help resolve them if they arise. Coordinating authors subject to this policy must record and maintain written documentation patrobe authorship agreements in accordance with these Procedures.


FAQs for Current Students, La Trobe University

In the absence of local guidelines for the attribution of authorship, those criteria outlined above shall apply. Where the contribution does not meet the criteria for authorship, individuals must be properly acknowledged in the resulting research output s. When multiple affiliations exist La Trobe University must be listed first wherever possible.

This requirement also applies to work conducted at the University and published after staff or students have left the institution.

The coordinating author will:. Where there is more stztement one author, the coordinating author should be responsible for ensuring that all individuals are acknowledged appropriately and for managing and maintaining correspondence related to acknowledgements. La Trobe staff and students who are nominated to manage communication about the research output must maintain documentation for all authors and acknowledged contributors see Part B above.

Research misconduct includes intentional and misleading ascription of authorship such as the inappropriate omission or inclusion auhorship authors. Where a higher degree student undertaking research is the subject of the allegation, the Higher Degree Student Research Misconduct Procedure applies.


Authorship of Research Outputs Policy

Where a student undertaking coursework is the subject of the allegation, the Academic Integrity Policy apply. Where the dispute cannot be resolved and it involves co-authors from other institutions, the dispute should be managed by the institution of the author nominated to uathorship communication about the research output or as agreed by the co-authors.

Authors may also consult with a Research Integrity Advisor at any time for informal advice in relation to the authorship of research outputs. The Head s of School will attempt to resolve the conflict at the local level.

To assist the DVC Rauthor s may be required to provide the following information: The DVC R will consider the matter and may determine to proceed under the procedures outlined above or to invoke the relevant Research Misconduct Procedure.

This statemenr the current version of this document.