Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes [Larry Gonick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cartoon History of the universe vol an. Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex, the first humans, the early civilizations of the Middle East, . Volumes 14 – From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance. Includes pre- Islamic Arabia, the life of Muhammad and spread of Islam, history of Africa before .

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The Cartoon History of the Universe by Larry Gonick | : Books

For example, the Professor reads a book about dinosaurs to introduce Volume 1 about prehistory. I don’t know what it says about me that this book counts as one of my major comfort books. A fascinating journey from the big bang, to the dinosaurs and evolution, to the beginnings of man and civilization; culminating in discussions of Greece. The title of the book is very misleading in this regard. Jun 05, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: First off, the subject of cartopn is treated with direct frankness throughout.

Ambitious and univdrse good concept, but I was irritated by how women were consistently portrayed as punchlines and sex objects. Hsitory explains the motivations behind human beings’ discoveriesinventionsexplorations, wars, triumphs, and mistakes. Overall, a fun and enlightening read.

People tend to remember funny things better than boring ones. I was looking to expand my knowledge about world history, and this historyy is an immense help in building a solid mind-map for the same.

It’s not worth slogging through the rest to get to those little gems.

univrrse It condenses a lot of information into just a few pages, yet strikes the perfect balance between details and brevity. My one off-note of this book is a change in the style of the art for the last chapter tonick the Golden Age of Athens up to Alexander the Great.


Bacaan yang menyenangkan karena disisipi lawakan-lawakan yang kocak banget hahahaha. Much A fascinating journey from the big bang, to the dinosaurs and evolution, to the beginnings of man and civilization; culminating in discussions of Greece. The Cartoon History of the Universe is a book series about the history of the world. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Cartoon History of the Universe II

Uinverse you ever wondered about history, but find textbooks too dense and boringto read? I’m definitely going to continue the series as well as seek out the books Gonick recommends in his bibliography. The diversity of his interests, and the success with which his books have met, jniverse together earned Gonick the distinction of being “the most well-known and respected of cartoonists who have applied their craft to unravelling the mysteries of science” Drug Discovery Today, March If you like his stuff, you’ll like this.

Not exactly the kind of reading I think she meant. Though originally published as a comic book series, the series is now published in trade paperback volumes of several hundred pages each. Not recommended- weed it for outdated approach. Instead, Gonick fleshes out history into a long yarn, injecting characterization into historical personages, continually reporting gory anecdotes, and focusing on quirky details—all backed up by research—to enliven his subject.

The history of Mesopotamia, for example, when contrasted with what the Bible said had occurred, was fascinating. Kind of inappropriate for a History book Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

In his effort to make history engaging Have you ever wondered about history, but find textbooks too dense and boringto read? Cartoon History of the Universe 1 Vol. I think one criticism of this book is that Gonick seems confident in his opinion and either writes off other opinions who doesn’t discuss them at all. May 24, Gary Butler rated it really liked it Shelves: But rather than relying upon an ordinary, typeset bibliography, Gonick sustains his unorthodox style and exuberant tone as the Professor takes the reader through a cartoon tour of his sources.


Gonick chose this subject because he understands that people often dislike history, and associate it with the sensation of reading a boring textbook, and he wanted to change this.

Gonick’s emphasis on sex is roughly equivalent to the emphasis given in the primary source texts with which he is dealing, the biblical texts certainly being no exception. The ‘water’ that Elijah had dumped on the sacrifice was probably some kind of oil, to caartoon he stealthily lit a match.

For example, many people find math and philosophy are quite dry, but the way he introduces Pythagoras, or even philosophy in general, is engaging and funny. The final two volumes, published in andare named The Cartoon History of the Modern World volumes one and two.

Cartoon History of the Universe I, Vol. 1-7: From the Big Bang to Alexander the Great

For example, he depicts the weaselly Historg Guiscardthe 11th-century Norman adventurer, as an anthropomorphic weaselan allusion to Guiscard’s name and cunning nature, and depicts Baburthe 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire with buckteeth an allusion to the theory that the conqueror’s name means ” beaver “. If you’re a noob in history like me, you may want to give this one a try. What a way to educate someone on, oh, Sumerian economy or the fertilization of reptiles In his effort to make history engaging, the author has chosen to write his story in the form of a graphic novel.

Thanks for telling us about the nistory. Any histogy book has a point of viewand Larry Gonick’s might best be described as ” humanist.