Egri argues in The Art of Dramatic Writing against Aristotle’s view of character being secondary to plot (as stated in. Lajos Egri examines a play from the inside out, starting with the heart of any The Art of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human. Lajos Egri examines a play from the inside out, starting with the heart of any All good dramatic writing depends upon an understanding of human motives.

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Read more Read less. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. In some ways this is a very basic book.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Egri provides compelling reasons for premise and then deepens this knowledge with a concern for character where the realization of character is the plot’s essence.

But Egri has some good points and insightful study of Ibsen and other writers. In this book, 10 chapters that are small, the next chapter in the audible recording ghe be after those 10 chapters.

Lajos Egri – Wikipedia

Characters Plotting Their Own Play. See all reviews. He bases his theory on observed phenomenon and allows illustration from example to prove his hypothesis.

Later, he is forced to commit still more murders in order to entrench himself more securely in the position he has reached through murder. The trick is to plan first, write second.

Yet any writer who has been learning the craft for more than a few years will begin to intuit the problem with this approach. Amid the hundreds of “how-to” books that have appeared in recent years, there have been dramatix few which attempted to analyze the mysteries of play-construction. The pages aren’t numbered, the words are randomly bolded, and the indentions do not make any sense.

This is not theme or plot summary, but the plot should be obvious from wtiting. Responsibility with an introd.


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This is not an academic book or a book of theory, but a guide that delves into the cornerstone element of drama, namely people and their inner and I had seen this book referenced and quoted in a variety of contemporary books on writing, and even though many of the references and his language is clearly dated the original text was published inI loved his clear examination of the necessity of writers to not only know, but understand and interpret the motives of their fictional characters.

The disadvantage lies in the more inadequate and more cumbersome applicability in practice since this writing style is antiquated and many examples can be more challenging to implement in contemporary literature. Icing on my cake personally. And yes, Egri will help you write a damn good novel. The content is interesting, but often gets lost in over lajoss.

A good premise is a thumbnail synopsis of your play. This book is a must in anyone’s library. This is what makes books real page-turners. Published February 15th by Touchstone first published Oof Vision for Christians in the Arts.

Writimg may revolve around itself, destroying, building — and getting nowhere. No doubt it is ambition. Amazon carries so many authors, but Lajos Egri is the best in my opinion in the field of creative lajoz. Lajos Egri’s classic, The Art of Dramatic Writing, does just that, with instruction that can be applied equally well to a short story, novel, or screenplay.

I started this with a 4-star rating, but given that it took me over six months to force myself to finish it, I had to downgrade it for not keeping my interest. Central to Egri’s argument is his claim that the dranatic stories follow the logical method of thesis, antithesis, synthesisor dialecticto prove what he calls a “premise.

Nothing is worse than reading about or watching a story wherein the people never change or, even worse, change inexplicably and illogically. You should be trying to prove something, anything, with your story.

At the end, Boyle has nothing left; he has hit bottom. I also learned about tridimensional characters, unity of opposites, points of attack, and the waves that conflict should come in. However, I’m going to tell you a few things if you ARE an undergrad film student.


Well, I read it Blake Snyder tells all in this fast, funny, and candid look inside the movie business. The writer is exhorted to find a premise to explore and to discover which characters will most effectively demonstrate this thesis, then is shown how most effectively to place them into conflict with each other.

Describe the connection issue. He told me that a lot of books focused on writing for fiction do a good job of describing how to build characters and stories, but not drama. Why must Nora leave her husband at the end of A Doll’s House?

After reading this incredibly insightful, incredibly lucid book, I really feel that it’s a crime that 1 so few people have read this book, and 2 there are so many bad plays novels, etc. Lajos Egri’s classic, The Art of Dramatic Writing, does just that, with instruction that can be applied equally well to a short story, novel, or screenplay. Everything stands and falls with personalities that are realistically presented to perfection.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. No matter what caused this green-eyed monster to raise its ugly head, the important thing is that jealousy is the motivating force in this play, and since Othello kills not only Desdemona but himself as well, the premise, as we see it, is: However, he is a bit aloof throughout the book, which, personally, I found strangely appealing.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. There are better books out there on the subject.