La Bastida de les Alcusses – Monumentos en la Comunitat Valenciana – Spain. This is the most important Iberian settlement of those located in the Region of. LA BASTIDA DE LES ALCUSSES In the middle of Terres dels Alforins, at about meters avobe the sea level, there is located the Iberian settlement of “La. Fabbrica della Conoscenza numero 46 Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine Gambardella Fabbrica della Conoscenza Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine.

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The village reached a six-hectares area, limited by a powerful wall reinforced with three towers and equipped by four doors, one of them blocked. Wikimedia Commons has media related to La Bastida de les Alcusses.

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This intervention contributes to the work to guarantee the free access and enjoyment for all the people in this heritage site, as well as the creation of new resources for the economic and cultural development in the local scope in a privileged environment, complementing the landscape, gastronomy and enology opportunities which the district offers.

La Bastida de les Alcusses (Moixent): life of Iberians 2, years ago

Retrieved from ” https: Museo de Prehistoria, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tactile Scale-model of the entire Archaeological Settlement.

Another positive impact has been achieved by installing the tactile accessibility devices since they significantly improve the understanding of the conserved archaeological remains observation from different perspectives and at different detail levels and in turn, facilitate a panoramic view of the complex and the way in which the different elements which integrate it are related to each other and to facilitate the communication of concepts and information to sectors of the population which have been traditionally excluded, such as persons with visual disabilities.

Simultaneously, the presented intervention has become an essential support resource for the Communication and Educational Project of the Bastida de les Alcusses included as an educational program in the Secondary Education centres; the scale-models are milestones in the route which reinforce the oral lectures and the possibility to touch represents a sensory stimulus for the students.

Its strategic location favoured the interchange of raw materials and manufactured goods by prestigious projects, such as Greek ceramics. The plots are the property of the Town Council of Moixent which has ceded their management and the implementation of the research projects -archaeological excavations and laboratory to the Museum of Prehistory.


The link with the research has another exponent in this intervention based on the novelty of the implemented resources and the type of context, where the framework of the experiences were implemented in the Ph.

La Bastida de les Alcusses

From its importance, the site was declared Artistic Historical Monument in In addition, the itinerary conditions in this wild natural setting make it necessary to develop resources which provide an architectural interpretation and in an overall sense, define the meaning of the visit. The principal crops were unirrigated cereals barley, wheat and millet as well as legumes broad beans and peas. Trade and commercial activities were also an important part of the economic life of the town.

In these houses we have registered a prominent abundance of really different findings domestic dishes, loom elements, agricultural tools, weapons, etc.

It is considered to be one of the principal Iberian archaeological sites of the Valencian Community due to its sudden abandonment and good preservation.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press,pp. The tactile representation of this settlement in its natural context represents an innovative initiative and solution in its role as a means of useful communication for diverse audiences and particularly for the above mentioned groups. The walls would have then been whitewashed and sometimes even painted. La Bastida de les Alcusses Moixent: Famous from the first decade of the 20th century, it was object of excavations between the years and by the recently founded Prehistory Research Service and Prehistory Museum of the Valencian Government.

La Bastida de les Alcusses – Wikipedia

From its importance, the site was declared Artistic Historical Monument in The blockage of two of the gates, remains of a fire, and the numerous weapons and personal items found in the streets all indicate a rapid and violent end to the site’s occupation. Four gates give access to the interior of the site, three at the western end and one at the eastern. Commons category link is on Wikidata Coordinates on Wikidata.

The element is characterized by the oblique angle of the fastener struts which discourage climbing, the horizontal level of its front view and the height difference of the gaps which invite informal support for people of different heights. Objective and relevant elements of the intervention process The primary objective of this intervention has been to make a progressive contribution by means of design [3], to the development of the refurbishment and the sustainability of this archaeological environment and the improvement of its visit, by promoting its appreciation and the inclusion of visitor groups, such as the case of persons with a visual disability.

This website uses proprietary and third-party cookies for technical purposes, traffic analysis and to facilitate insertion of content in social networks on user request. The buildings are organised around a central street that runs from east to west through the middle of the town. The offerings deposited in the principal west gate, also indicate the symbolic importance of a full panoply including sword and shield. The implemented actions have contributed to the progressive definition, conditioning and enjoyment of the route and the landscape by making use of a site boundary system and several tactile accessibility devices which did not exist until now.


And thirdly, a spacious zone of the site approximately one third was the object of an extensive excavation between and with a meticulous inspection method which was exemplary for that age. VII al II a. This element can be detected and followed by the white cane of blind persons and can also be used as a temporary rest for young people and children. Each one displays different aspects and levels of information about the settlement as explained below.

Knowing how life was in an Iberian village 2, years ago is possible thanks to the archaeological research developed in sites such as La Bastida de les Alcusses, located at the area of Moixent. Other nearby perpendicular streets organise lateral areas and spaces without buildings laid out as squares.

The scale-model comprises its alcussees in a ground plan in order to observe the interior layout of this tower with the lateral surveillance benches of the entry and its alcusess in the original form. We highlight that the design feature of these scale-models has been executed based on the analysis and preliminary research for this type of 3-dimensional alcusdes. The gatehouses all contain internal benches, possibly guard posts or spaces for controlling the passage of goods.

The organisation of the buildings has been structured along a central street which crosses the entire settlement and several perimeter roads next to the wall sections.

It is put up for visits and has an interesting offer of didactic workshops. Ancient cities of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, in the case of the blind or people with serious visual disabilities, they facilitate the communication and learning of concepts, which is a central feature in the consideration of the management of public heritage asset according to an inclusive design [11]. These intense campaigns discovered an important part of its urban structure and also provided important findings of moveable nature, where we emphasise small sheet leads with Iberian writings and, specially, a little bronze figure that has passed on to posterity as the Warrior of Moixent.

It is put up for visits and has an interesting nastida of didactic workshops.