Soul of the Four Winds was a Mastery 4 internal air kiho that was developed over two hundred years ago by a retired Iuchi shugenja. It increased the dominance. L5R (3rd Edition) – The Four Winds. Uploaded by Ayoze Ojeda. The content of this book is about the history of Rokugan. Add a lot of information and system for . Follows Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan on the game Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). The Steel Throne: The Four Winds Saga, Prelude, Wind o.

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A storm of fire, wind, and void swirled around Sezaru, destroying Mohai immediately. Sezaru and Koshei fled, though Yokubo took Sezaru’s Mask as a prize. You can help by adding to the information here.

The Four Winds | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

She disappeared into the Void [13] leaving the Throne empty. The Wolf had warned Kaneka that when he inevitably must choose a side, only l5t of his brothers would remain. Sekawa had found the last book in a way which showed that Shinsei continued to guide the Empire even in death.

Sezaru and his men were pinned in the mountains, attacked by a far more sizeable force. The Imperial Court was not informed in advance, Naseru did so in the opening ceremony of the temple.


Ryoma may have been further motivated by ongoing animosity between Phoenix Inquisitors and Kuni Witch-hunters.

Image – Four Winds | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ningen was gravely wounded in the confrontation between the two. A fierce battle ensued, fourr Sezaru prevailed thanks to an illusion of Shiba Aikune created by his wife Isawa Angai. Sezaru was always a soul tormented by incredible power, the legacy of his Oracle mother. Sezaru took Gensaiken as follower, who was secretly another disguised Pekkle no Oni.

Naseru offered foue location of the City, allowing the Four Winds March. After the Fall of Otosan Uchi the Wolf looked for his own center of power. During his contention for his father’s throne, he was known as The Wolf [1] and Son of the Void. This year, shortly after the death of the descendant of ShinseiRosokuat the hands of the Bloodspeaker ShukumeiAsahina Sekawa was proven to be enlightenedand became the Keeper of the Five Rings.

This Imperial Families related article is a stub. He sent Utaku Rishimaru to send words to Kyuden Isawa and the Council, when the outcome of the battle was unconcluded. Naseru did not undo his previous Edict at that difficult moment. Ryoma had been killed by qinds onisuand Yokubo and Sezaru fought. Naseru proclaimed him the Master of Enlightenment in a ceremony at Toshi Ranbo.

In the second child of Toturi and Toturi Kaede was born under signs of great fortune. Contents [ show ]. Osuno also said that Sezaru could not avenge his father’s death through hatred alone.


Toturi Koshei asked the Oracle where to find the Oracle of Water. The Kitsu also gifted the Wolf with his favor toward the Throne claims. On the day of his gempukkuhe killed an oni sent to murder him.

Sezaru had always embodied brilliance and madness in equal measures.

Four Winds March.jpg

Sezaru wanted to speak with his father’s soul, and Juri accompanied him to the passage to Meido. It was revealed to have been Fushinthe Onisu of Betrayal, who had been summoned by Daigotsu. Sezaru warned about innocents would be harmed, and as natural consequence the enemies of Naseru would try to strike him. He would only join the war if the Mantis armies were within reach of Kyuden Isawa.

Voice of the Emperor – He would attempt to diminish the demanding Voice he heard in his mind, becoming scared of what the future would bring. He became aware of the Battle of Toshi Ranbo instantly, and the horror of it shattered what little remained of his mind.

They were known as Ashi-romit by the nezumi race.

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