PARLAMENTU EUROPEJSKIEGO I RADY zmieniające rozporządzenie (WE) nr / ustanawiające Wspólnotowy Kodeks Wizowy (kodeks wizowy). Regulation (EC) No / of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July establishing a Community Code on Visas (Visa Code). Regulation. Translation for ‘kodeks wizowy’ in the free Polish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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The visa is no longer valid when wzowy total number of exits made by the visa holder equals the number of authorised entries, even if the visa holder has not used up the number of days authorised by the visa.

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However, a visa with limited territorial validity for the territory of the issuing Member State may be issued at the external border for such persons in exceptional cases, in accordance with Article 25 1 a. The following rules shall be observed with respect to the photograph to be integrated into the visa sticker. Article 11 Application form. ,odeks

That form shall indicate in particular: Article 9 Practical modalities for lodging an application. Exceptionally, when additional documentation is needed in specific cases, the period may be extended up to a maximum wiziwy 60 calendar days. Article 51 Instructions on the practical application of the Visa Code. This may be either the port kkodeks which he is to sign on or the country to which he is heading if he is leaving service.

Article 34 Annulment and revocation. This permit is issued for six months and may be renewed for another year.


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This provision is without prejudice to any action which may be taken kodrks against the external service provider under the national law of the third country concerned. In all cases the level of security for the transfer shall be adapted to the sensitive nature of the data.

This is the number printed in the top right-hand corner of the sticker. This Regulation, with the exception of Article 3, constitutes provisions building on wiziwy Schengen acquis or otherwise relating to it within the meaning of Article 3 2 of the Act of Accession and within the meaning of Article 4 2 of the Act of Accession.

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Form I Alien registration receipt card valid for 2 to 10 years. Article 17 shall be amended as follows: From the date referred to in Article 46 of the VIS Wizowg, information shall be transmitted in accordance with Article 16 3 of that Regulation. The Member State s concerned shall, where there is any doubt, provide for the possibility of verifying at the consulate fingerprints which have been taken by the external service provider. The Organising Committee shall notify the services responsible for issuing visas thereof and shall inform them of the numbers of the visas in question.

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The representing and represented Member State shall inform the general public about representation arrangements as referred to in Article 8 before such arrangements enter into force. This permit is issued for five years and is renewable, each time for another five years. The Member States concerned shall agree on the duration of and conditions for the termination of the co-location as well as the proportion of the visa fee to be received by the Member State whose consulate is being used.


Where the honorary consul is a civil servant of a Member State, the Member State concerned shall ensure that requirements comparable to those which would apply if the tasks were performed by its consulate are applied. OJ L In addition to the reasons for refusing a visa as provided for in Article 32 1 a visa shall be refused at the border crossing point if the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 b of this Article are not met. The date of issue is written in the same way as the date referred to in 2.

CCI, Annex 13, note Article 10 1. Mere possession of a uniform visa or a visa with limited territorial validity shall not confer an automatic right of entry. The United Kingdom is therefore not taking part in its adoption and is not bound by it or subject to its application. Destination of vessel next port As to points 7A and 8A: W imieniu Parlamentu Europejskiego H.

Expand all Collapse all. The following applicants shall be exempt wiizowy the requirement to give fingerprints:. The Member State competent for examining and deciding on an application for a uniform visa for the purpose of transit shall be:.

The visa fee shall be waived for applicants belonging to one of the following categories:.