Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT) Question Paper Answers Previous Year Old Paper MBA MCA Free Download KMAT Last. hi myself swetha, recently completed my bca. now whiling to do MCA so please send me the MCAkmat previous question papers of past. For admission to the MBA and MCA universities in Karnataka, the entrance test is Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT). The Karnataka Private.

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The employee of the office has been caught embezzling the company funds.

Who walks on the stage just after Cindrella? If out of the 60 chocolates in the jar, 19 are orange, then find the paoers of purple chocolates.

I went to a lot of colleges regarding admission for MCA in Bangalore. Keep only the admit card, pencil, eraser and sharpener with you. Find the number of ways in which this can be done if the committee should contain exactly 3 women?

Follow the instructions lmat the invigilator. Quwstion to main content. Directions for Questions 1 – 5: One producer was willing to take on the project provided Gowarikar changed the story to kill the bad guy in the end. T is paternal aunt of F and K who is a femaleF and K both being siblings of opposite gender. The act of labelling all that we see: He then moves 12 km in the North-East direction and delivers 20 coconuts.


The invigilator will collect the Answer Sheet and the Test Booklet from you. The number is divisible by: It seems to look like Da Vinci’s profile.

How far is Alex from its kennel? Assess your personal values and your interests and having done that, you may not have discovered the exact career you want to follow, but you will have discovered what you’re good at, what you like and what you value.

The content of school textbooks is open to debate because: Jerry and Aman ppaers not follow or lead each other.

KMAT Question Papers & Download Previous Papers in pdf

What is the weight of Ram? If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. However, as you discover more about yourself, you may find that the ‘right’ career choice for you is driven by more personal factors. Find his average speed? Sen and Dalal have written 2 books each. The Federal Republic of Germany and Costa Rica were the first countries to ban the death penalty legally. From 1 to if one number is picked up.

Choose the option that best shows what the paper would look like when unfolded to normal size. Use only an HB pencil to fill in the Answer Sheet. Find the odd one out in the given group of numbers: Identify the answer choice that should replace the underlined part in the sentence to make it grammatically meaningful and correct.


How could the table stand there without the ground supporting it?

KMAT Papers

No wonder we tend to react to situations in a subjective manner. What is the last digit of the number 27? A committee of 4 members is to be formed from 4 men and 5 women.

InLisa’s husband asked her to finally accompany him on a trip to Calabria. After the revolution, the painting was hung in the Louvre. Who is dressed as Minnie? Students might bring in their personal bias which might dilute the effectiveness of the feedback. She has done her PG in Science. A few questions alongwith their answers are shared below from the previous KMAT test papers: One theory has it that Leonardo included a self-portrait in the painting.

Her aloof but alluring smile made its way through the ages making Mona Lisa one of the most celebrated, copied, stolen and parodied pieces of art in history.

The average weight of 25 boys is 63 kg. A] The match was cancelled as illegal ticket holders created a riot-like situation.