Sensata Klixon Thermal Protector / Thermostat Series,(K 46),America Sensata Klixon,Temperature Switch Overload Protector,Sensata Klixon. Thermal Protector for Motor / Fluorescent ballasts and Temperature Sensing Controls. The Klixon™ protector is a field proven miniature protector. The Klixon protector is a field proven miniature protector developed to protect electrical equipment against overheating. In addition to.

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Various motors, Solonoid 2.

Klixon 9700 thermal protector for induction cooker BW-CBS

Lamp ballast, LED power driver. Klixon thermal protector for induction cookers are featured by advanced bimetal disc structure, miniature size, snap action, large contact capacity, and long service life. They are widely used for overheat and overcurrent protection in various electric motors, electromagnetic oven, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner motor, solenoid, transformer, electrical heater, electrical heating appliances, fluorescent ballasts, automobile motors, integrated circuits and common electrical appliances.

Special kklixon are available for customization.

GVZ Components – Klixon®

Our large current motor thermal protector 17AM1 series are addtionally certified with KC for Korean market. Please email me to request for high definition copies of your favorite certificates. The quantity per carton vary from models and the carton size depends on the quantities of the order. Klixkn specifications may be subject to change upon negotiation according to the order quantity. We do the most homework to let the customers do the least.

Our customers only need to do two things: It’s not our slogon to keep customers satisfied, it’s our promise and pratice. We are committed to providing better service to customers than our competitors. Our products are widely used in various types of motors, lamp ballasts, transformers, battery packs, LED driver power, power switches, electric tools, and the fields of overcurrent or over temperature protection for various household appliances.

The trip off temperature ranges from 30 to degrees centigrade, providing a complete spectrum of protector products for household klixonn industrial appliances. We are expert at special product customizations such as exceptionally large current, small sizes, and wires. You are welcome to customize with us non-standard thermal protectors as per your special requirements.


Experienced professional technical team, advanced production and testing equipment, mature production technology, and strict quality management make TOPRO products stand lkixon from our competitors thanks to wide kkixon, high quality, and reasonable prices. We also work closely with our domestic and foreign counterparts to establish good cooperative partnership, and strive to provide customers with comprehensive solutions of thermal protection and thermal switches.

TOPRO adheres to the quality policy “to solve problems systemically and that prevention is better than remedy”. Winning over customers with best quality and best service, we have been serving customers and fulfilling their needs with first-class product quality, perfect after-sales service, reasonable pricing and good business credit.

Just provide us with your specifications concerning specific current and temperature rise conditions and we will assist you to select a matching thermal protector and provide you with free samples. In close cooperation with the customer we develop the optimum solution, providing the lowest cost products without compromising the quality and thus increasing your competitive advantage.

Contact now and get our prompt reply! Products containing various motors, such as shaded pole motors, permanent split capacitor motor, fractional horsepower motors, used for vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchen electrical appliances, electrical home klixoj water pumps, crusher, mixer, mowing machine, snowsweeper and other construction or gardening tools; car window lift motor, sunroof motor, rain wiper motor, sliding door motor, actuator motor, and other automobile accessories.

Coils, transformer, solenoid, fluorescent ballasts, LED drivers, power switches.

Klixon , SL9, SL11 Series Motor Protectors

Electrical heating devices, such as electrical water heater, electrical cooker, steam mop cleaners, coffee pot, induction cooker, car seat heater, fire place, etc. Why must your products be thermally protected? A thermal protector is placed internallly within a motor or motor-compressor to protect the motor and motor windings components from dangerous overheating that can cause motor failure. This overheating generally occurs when the motor is overloaded, a bearing seizes up, something locks the motor shaft from turning, or the motor simply fails to start properly.

A failure to start may be caused by faulty start windings in a motor. The thermal protector consists of one or more heat-sensing elements integral with the motor or motor-compressor and an external control device.


The thermal protection is in place to turn the motor off kliixon excessive heat is generated within the motor circuitry and keep it from burning up the motor. These thermal protectors are reset when the motor cools to a safe operating temperature.

There is usually a visible red button located on the wiring side of the motor, opposite of the motor shaft, but not always. In some cases, these buttons are reset manually, but not always. Although having a motor shut down is inconvenient, it certainly is better than having to replace a motor. Just think of it as a second chance to find out mlixon the problem is with the motor or the connected devices or load attached to it.

You see, just because a motor fails to start or overheats during operation, doesn’t mean that the motor is necessarily at fault. There could be an obstruction on the attached load to the motor, causing excessive load on the motor.

This in turn causes excessive heat to build up in the motor and hopefully, the thermal protector trips the motor circuit to save the motor. Overheating is damaging or dangerous. In such cases, lack of thermal protectors may cause the damages of devices, and even cause fires.

How to select a suitable thermal protector for your products?

To help you select a suitable thermal protector, we need you to tell us the following: Industry of the end customer to judge the rough model of thermal protectors, application of the thermal protector, electrical parameters voltage, currenttrip temperature, reset temperature, mounting position and space requirement to decide the size, mlixon closed or normally open, lead wire requirements, certification requirements. Contact Supplier Start Order. Packaging Details Carton Size: Specifications First choice application: What products must be thermally protected?

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