Sony KDSA Service Manual – Sony KDS55A 55″ HDTV, Tip, How- To and Do It Yourself Directions. Download SONY KDSA 50A 55A 60A 60A CHASSIS SP-3 SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. 1 Addition of KDSA and 60A Yes M Diagnosis J / “Supported model I SERVICE MANUAL S P-3 CHASSIS MODEL COMMANDER DEST. CHASSIS.

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Turns off the Film mode. Press to replay the current program from the segvice chapter mark if any or from the beginning of the live TV cache.

SONY KDSA – Service Manual Immediate Download

Page Using the Menus Option Description 4: It is recommended that you leave this at the factory default value. Standard Automatically optimizes based on signal. Shield ATSC 16 In such cases, manually adjust the options below. Please replace the lamp. For replacement lamp information visit: Method of Setting the Service Adjustment Mode 24 The Initial Setup screen appears. Summary of Self-Diagnosis Function – This device includes a self-diagnosis function.

Be sure to subcontract the installation to Sony dealers or licensed contractors and pay adequate attention to safety during the installation. Text Select to view text, charts or tables. Start-up Guide Start-up Guide 1: Press the keys of the remote commander in rapid sequence as manuzl lowswhen the set is in standby mode.

Press the two tabs on the right side to secure the cover. Wide Mode Normal Select to display in the original image size. To maintain the quality of your viewing experience, Sony recommends that you replace the lamp 1 after approximately 8, hours of use; 2 when the screen becomes dark or the color looks unusual; For example, S button can be programmed to operate your VCR.



Your Wide Mode settings are automatically saved upon selection. Dual Sound Selects the sound from the speaker for a stereo or bilingual broadcast. Two channel linear PCM 32, Press MENU to exit.

Off Turn Digital Rating off. To Read Lamp mnual Panel Time 25 Panel Temp Error For useful information about Sony products 1.

Point them out to the customer and recom mend their replacement. In case of two or more malfunctions, the item which first occurred blinks.

Sony KDS-55A2000 Service Manual

Your TV uses a projection lamp as its light source. If the lamp is hard to remove, pull the right side of the lamp for additional traction. DVI connector is for video signals only.

The used lamp For customers in mmanual United States: MTS Stereo Select for stereo reception when viewing a program broadcast in Enjoy stereo, bilingual stereo. Repeat to add up to 7 characters to the label. Reset Resets the following options to default values: Lights up in green when the TV is turned on. This operation will clear all of your customized settings including Parental Lock setting. Press 7 or press 4 to confirm each setting and move to the next setting.


Check the area of your repair for unsoldered or poorly- sol- dered connections. The guide also provides information about the current program being shown on each channel if information is available from the station. Select to view text, charts or tables.

Blu-ray Disc is a trademark. Your previous settings are saved. A dot appears next to the icon of the currently active kds-55a20000 External Inputs, Cable, and Antenna only. About the TV Although the TV is made with high-precision technology, black dots may appear or bright points of light red, blue, or green may appear constantly on the screen.

Gives the white colours a red tint. Gamma Adjusts the balance between the light and dark areas of the picture. It is possible to dervice the abnormality location by the number of blinks.

It is possible to predict the abnormality location by the number of blinks. Current Time You can set the current time. Lamp Kds-55a2000 When the lamp nears the end of its life, a message appears every time you turn on the TV.

Sony KDS-55A2000 Operating Instructions Manual

Page 49 Pull out the lamp. Viewing all channels requires a cable box. When tuned to the channel, the program banner and channel number will be displayed.