Master of Craving (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master of Craving, the third book in the Blood. A Knight to Remember (Blood Sword Legacy Book 4) – Kindle edition by Karin Tabke. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Master of Torment (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wulfson of Trevelyn, trusted knight of William the.

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I had read two of her other novels and enjoyed them but didn’t LOVE them. It was hard and at times brutal, like the time in was set in. Nevertheless, the writing is good, the romance is hot and the action exciting. Moreover, there are several unexplained elements that detract from the whole.

And when his half brother, born of noble blood shows up on the scene, the plot thickens. It went on my keeper shelf which doesn’t happen very often and I will definitely be getting the rest of the series. I found the violence and brutality excessive. It is potent but will strike only the fertile ground of the woman destined to bear your first sons.

It is exciting, action-packed and emotionally satisfying. Which is sad, since there was so much potential. I could go on, but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers.

Blood Sword Legacy

The reason I am giving this book two stars is because it is very similar to a book I read as a teenager called The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. The forst 50 pages of this book were fabtastic it set a dark scene that was so well written i actually believed i was there.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Although they are hardly equals, Isabel holds her own against the overbearing Rohan and even manages to get the upper hand on occasion.

It helps that Rohan is a truly awful character. Not that this book was bad. A rather formualic medieval story centering around the wars between the Normans and Saxon. The black sword plunging through a skull, crimson drops of blood hung from the sword tip. The story takes place in the weeks between Hastings I reviewed this on Amazon last year: This was an intense, exhausting story.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I enjoyed this book immensely and have moved happily on to the next o As a romance reader as ofI have quite a lot of reading make-up to do She behaves intelligently for the most part.

Sep 13, AgentScully rated it really liked it Shelves: It makes you feel like you’re right there in medieval times. I am going to be really honest here. Their relationship gradually builds from mistrust and anger, to respect and friendship and eventually love.

I consider the next a risky read based upon this one. A full-time writer, Karin draws on a lifetime of stories and backdrops that few outside of the law enforcement community ever see, let alone hear about. Bold and courageous through she is, Saxon maiden Isabel of Alethorpe cannot stop Rohan du Luc from seizing Alethorpe and its people in the name of William the Conqueror.

That’s a pretty awesome set-up. View all 8 comments.


The Blood Sword Legacy Series in Order – Karin Tabke – FictionDB

The romance is strong, though it takes an awfully long time for them to admit they love each other. Norman Rohan du Luc awaited death in a brutal Iberian prison along with his brothers at arms, fellow mercenaries and an unknown Saracen. Readers who like krin cutter medieval romances. His eyes scanned lower to a full bosom that heaved in her anger. In unison, the two battering rams slammed into the door, and the timber gave way, opening with a sickening screech.

I’ve been looking for a new good medieval and Karin Tabke’s first effort hits the mark. I am all for people pleasing themselves as they wish, but I just think it’s wrong to want someone to treat you like garbage.

Seven years later, having become a notorious death squad for William the Conqueror, Rohan and the Brotherhood seize Rossmoor, easily overwhelming the unskilled Sax Norman Rohan du Luc awaited death in a brutal Iberian prison along with his brothers at arms, fellow mercenaries and an unknown Saracen.

May 19, Rhonda rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is a story that grabs you from the start. But, it comes with the high price of spilling the blood of her kin. A mediocre and painfully predictable cookie cutter medieval romance.