In this blog I’ll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I’ll cover scenery making. Hey fellow dawi, I was just wondering the other day about Karak Varn. We have quite a lot of info on many of the other holds but what do we. Fortunately for the emperor, Kellar’s Keep is supposedly connected to the Dwarven Fortress, Karak Varn, by a series of now abandoned tunnels.

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Be sure to have photo paper in A3 format for a better result in printing this booklet. Edited by Barundin Throndinson, 19 October – Deep mines led to disaster during an earthquake as the lowe levels flooded.

Here are two new sheets of counters for your dungeon dressing collection. For the long years since its construction, Karak-Varn had been regarded with envious eyes by the Skaven, for similar reasons to those which had brought the dwarfs to it in the first place. Please log in to ,arak.

The White Dwarf, Hero from Karak Varn | Miniature Games Construction Yard | BoardGameGeek

And two dungeon sheets, with sewer duct and bridges, spiked walls traps and so on. Also many expeditions have been made into the Hold for some of the riches that were left behind.

Posted 19 October – The earthquakes that opened the time of woes shattered this system and lead to wide spread flooding throughout the holds deeper mines claiming the lives of a good number of the hold’s clans in the process.


The first Dwarf Book has more details Many great Dwarfs died and lost some Runic weapons to the depths of the lake. Dwarf holds The Empire. But the Lake side was an area of many battles. City was abandoned and is now known as Crag Mere.

Posted 20 October – Community Forum Software by IP. Hi all Here is one more dungeon dressing sheet. And vran is a new temple of Chaos, in fact a sacrificial chamber.

Old Scratch’s HeroQuest Forum – “Darkness’ of Karak-Varn” Tiles Set

The current book is pretty poorly done as it has holes in the timeline I keep hearing about an unspeakable horror and “Things worse that skaven and goblins lurking down there” yet, nothing about what it actually is.

Like Karak Ungor before, the Dwarfs’ mines were their own downfall: Offline Lurch is a sexy man-god! Here is a new sheet with four new coffins with corpses and a dead adventurer, three tests of a horrible touthy mouth in a pit. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

A mecanic puzzle is following, figuring the wheel of the Eight Winds of Magic, and various pits with wood and rope bridges. Though not as beautiful as Karak Eight Peaks nor as storied as Karaz Karak, the hold boasted an ingenious system of locks, water wheels, and aqueducts that powered the holds forges and mines.

Mostly with Orcs and Goblins. Herre you’ll find the second PDF booklet with no less than 13 sheets full of tiles in A3 format. Karak Varn was one of the largest strongholds before kafak Dwarf empire began to crumble, and it was the first one to march aganist the high elves during the War of the Beard.


Karak Varn

All I know is that gromril used to be mined there and shipped to Zhufbar, and when the time of woes struck the black lake broke through the minings into the hold, and shortly afterwards skaven and night marak attacked and the hold was taken. They decide to find the holds great book of grudges to ascertain what befell the hold.

Community Forum Discord Server. You’ll find it here: Some dwarves fled, most died defending the hold.

These are done in the face of fierce greenskin and rat attacks. Here is a new version of the Dungeon Lair, with better torch effects. F Dwarf Hammerer Members posts. Skaven from below, Orcs from above.

After several hundred years the hold was briefly resettled by an expedition under Kadrin Redmane. They boiled up through the wrecked tunnels with goblinoid allies, driving the dwarfs from their ruined hold even as they struggled to shore up the damage.

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