Solutions for MVS SYSTEM ABEND CODES like S0C1, S0C7, SB37, SE37 etc. There was a conflict between the program, the JCL DCB, and the data set DCB. This article list down various JCL abend codes along with their cause and action taken by the user. ABEND Code U or U (X’D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program All related Job Logs and JCL listings.

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A loop was detected in the LNIO output chain. The default is 5, therefore a request for the sixth volume will fail with a E One or more blocks may have been skipped during processing. Save all output from the Abbend job.

Important SQL CODES and ABEND CODES | F1 for Mainframe

In writing to a sequential or direct access data set, the record length was greater than the track capacity. Increase the region size. The user trailer label processing caused a tape positioning error.


The commutator encounters a stack overflow. The wait time limit was exceeded for a baend or job step. The volume serial number was not specified on the DD statement for a data set which was opened for input. Resolution Check for Duplicate Close stmt, Sort with incorrect catalog proc.

There was an invalid user label. More than one recursive error occurred during diagnostic message processing.


Data sets with unlike attributes were concatenated. Correct the program logic error that generated the invalid address or storage reference.

Invalid parameters were passed through the linkage section. You are commenting using your Twitter account. A dump was requested. S An error occurred in end-of-volume processing of a magnetic tape data set. The incorrect volume was requested. Tags abendDB2errormainframesql codesqlcode.

An attempt was codees to execute a subroutine which was not link edited into the load module. An attempt was made to divide by too small of a number. Check for program errors, especially endless loops that cause the job or job step to exceed the time limit.

Verify that all the DCB information required for the data set is specified. An attempt was made to execute a machine instruction which had invalid operands. Tried moving variable length record that was larger than target field size 9. Outside abend code range. Inter-language communication feature usage error.


SB37 when the dataset is out of secondary extended space, or even the the 15 secondary extended volume provided to you for each primary extended space is used up. The time limit was exceeded for a job or job step. For indexed sequential data sets, specify the volume containing the index first. Sensing for a abnd protection ring. Referencing a data item before open or read.

The wrong tape was mounted. The first operand field is shorter than or equal to the second operand field in a decimal packed multiplication or division instruction.