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Does anyone have any experience, knowledge, or memory of these? I’m not a big fan of KRKs. How Did They Do That?

Thanks for the input. All that considered any disadvantages you may hear from your speakers age will be very audible hisses or hums which are easy fixes and not uncommon in the newer stuff.

I have asked around for some time and have never found someone familiar with them to tell me for sure how they stack up against the newer moderately priced stuff. I’m also not a fan of Alesis amps. They sound good and I’m able to mix relatively well on them, but I’m wondering if I’m living in the stone age by not upgrading these to a set of newer mid-range KRK’s or something.

Similarly, office pics are generally considered low-effort fluff, image posts should have some point other than karma and promote discussion. All in all I’d save the money for a sweet mic or maybe some nice cans sound quality on those hasn’t changed much but the 40 years of wear on the padding of my s make them super uncomfortable for long sessions.


JBL 4206 average used price

I’m not looking to replace them, rather seeking someone with some knowledge of them. I am definitely jb happy with them and my nbl hold up well against similar mixes on newer equipment. I would add that you’re not going to see any super improvements in mid range gear, if you want to get monitors save up and get something really good.

By the time you wear out cheap ones you’ve already paid for a good one, you know? My monitors are each 8 ohm, so it looks like w 8ohm per side for the X It’s my feeling that you can never have too many paths to compare and cross-check mixes. They’re passive, so I have an Alesis RA amp running them with a balanced signal 44206 my interface.

If you sense any issues or just have some time on your hands you may want to take apart the amp and monitors and clean them up with high percentage isopropyl alcohol and contact cleaner I’d definitely hit up the pots and check any soldered parts. Alesis RA Amp Manual jbo I do know these things quite well.

Yeah, that should work nicely. I’ve found reviews of them from around the time of their release and they seemed to get decent praise.

Used jbl for Sale |

I had about a 12 hr window between sessions to replace them and was fortunate enough to be able to A-B them with 6 other popular speakers. If you were to try a better amp you might be surprised.


Jlb input is appreciated. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The is still a nice speaker, I’d keep them. I believe the series was pretty popular back in the day, so someone has to have used these and compared them to others.

I typically wait and buy quality stuff as well.

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Do not post pictures of text here, they will 420 removed. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. They’re a bit bottom heavy so the pair I had are currently on the tv behind the bar with an old TEAC amp. Unless you need a bigger one, in which case you’ll probably just get another one and run them in bridged mode.

If you know them and are happy with them, I wouldn’t rush to replace them – jbo the contrary, proceed with caution, as you could easily end up worse off than you started.

Here are pdf’s of the manuals for reference. If your posture sucks or you keep moving around your going to screw up your monitors mojo any way. I’m still looking for a pair of s I can rebuild but most of the ones I find are apparently made of gold because of the prices I keep seeing.