Sonnax Torque Converter parts for Jatco JFE (09A) applications. Hello,just joined up how you doin? I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A (jatco je trans) Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have. On the 09A or JFE, the common problem with those when that happens, Audi A3 year , jatco 5 Speed – AUQ with kw – ps.

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They are replaced as set high and reverse clutch piston. The output speed sensor g68 is the one under the gear. Send a private message to bluesmoker. I was going to try to recode the trans, but I guess I need to login, and I don’t know how to do that.

You will have to scan the TCM to be able to answer those questions. If it started doing the same thing again, more than likely the problem is what i said before, cracked pistons. Last edited by CoolAirVw; July 23rd, at Anyway, after doing all the electrical work, I then did the timing belt on it, as it was waaay past due. Yes, my password is: I assume I’d need a VW shop code?

I guess there are 2 speed sensors on this trans, right? So, I ran the tests in the measuring blocks.


VW 09A Transmission | eBay

Contact Us Archive Top. If you want to fix this yourself, be careful, there are 2 different thickness high clutch packs There are 2 sets of clutchs in the drum high and reverse, natco high clutch is the smaller clutch.

I like this pic because it gives a visual picture of the “stand pipe” that allows you to check the level. Originally Posted by jaatco When you begin to drive it, it feels like a slipping clutch.

VW 09A Transmission

She drives out of my driveway, and I can hear that the car sounds like poo as she pulls away. Something else worth noting: An electrical problem affecting the pressure control solenoid can cause high pressure, but this will not only affect April 26th, Jtco on shopkey pro, for its not showing any Audi A3, A4 maybe? Air mass meter is new! What is the TCM detecting? Its the pipe right below the O-ring. With high pressure you will get rough shifts. Yes, my english is bad!

At the begining of the thread you said that the transmission has a rough shift from 3 to 4. 09q, the car ran great with 099a problems codesbut there were notable rough shifts from 1st to second when cold. Here’s a close up of the sensor.


Hello,just joined up how you doin? I drove it for a few days. The time now is Originally Posted by tochtli83 That’s hard to say. Its not a teardown procedure but you might find it of some use. Are these problems are gone now, after the work you did?? Originally Posted by tochtli83 My big question is, why would there be no workshop code or software coding?

Also where are you located? The time now is I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A jatco je trans Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have not seen or read about during my search which led me here or my experience with this trans I am a Landrover Technician and this trans is in the Freelander I have a code P output speed sensor no signal,I have taken the ohm readings and resistance is off the chart,sensor is in the differential on the INSIDE of transmission VW sells the sensor but will not service it.

After about 1 week if the tcu reset slip again why?