In this sequel to Troy, Geras once again shows her skill at Ithaka. Adele Geras, Author. Harcourt $17 (p) ISBN A companion piece for the author’s Troy ()—and another definitive example of storytelling so character-driven that nearly everything. Many years have passed since the end of the Trojan War, and Penelope is still waiting for her husband, Odysseus, to return home. The city of Ithaka is overrun.

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It is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. For Klymene, it’s difficult to fathom why Penelope is so determined to stay faithful to a husband who is most likely never to return. After reading The Odyssey and another book similar to this one, this book added to everything.

A wonderful take on “The Odyssey. Told through the eyes of Klymene, a young girl who is like a daughter to Penelope–and who longs for more ithakka friendship from the young prince Telemachus– Ithaka captures the quiet strength and patience of a woman’s enduring love for her husband and the ensuing chaos that threatens all as Penelope is pressured to remarry. Meanwhile, a new member of the household, beautiful and fickle Melantho, wins the heart of Penelope’s son, Telemachus, whom Klymene secretly ithska.

Loved this until I hated it perspective of Homer’s “The Odyssey” one of my all time favorite books. It also focuses on the relationship between Klymene and Ikarios, who are twins that have lived with their grandmother, Nana, who was also Odysseus’ nurse.

Jun 04, Samantha rated it really liked it. Yet she continues, finding the right-coloured wools by instinct, weaving even when she’s telling ithaa story adeld her husband in the arms of the witch Circe. The framing of the story is a little odd, taking a human angle on the mythological story A gripping tale of love, betrayal and death. But this is also a novel full of such hope. But we’re not going to that particular battlefield.


geeras Meanwhile Klymene has fallen in love with Telemachus, her mistress’s son, and must deal with the fact that he doesn’t return her ardor. As in Troythe Gods and Goddesses including Pallas Athene, Poseidon and Eros, among others, flit in and out of Klymene’s sight play a key role in determining various characters’ fates.

Her and her son both thought it was a good idea to continue to wait to remarry. I know some people complained it didn’t entirely follow the original story but some elements were changed for the better IMO. A study of love and loss, constancy and betrayal, and true heartbreak versus false.

This story is about the strength of love a wife’s love and the huge weight upon her shoulders to be constant in irhaka love for her husband and in her faith in the Gods.

Kindness transcends so many boundaries and ithaks characters show great selflessness in their choices.

I get it that it’s a double standard that O can have sexual encounters with goddessess and somehow that’s okay but it’s not okay for Penelope, but qdele flies in the face of their first encounter when he returns adrle disguised as a beggar, which this book completely fails at capturing both of their cunning, cleverness, and delight in seeing each other.

In this sequel to TroyGeras once again shows her skill at fashioning multidimensional characters from mythological figures and making them accessible to a 21st-century audience. May 20, Claudia rated it really liked it. Through Penelope’s weaving, we see some of the challenges that Odysseus faces as he journeys home. Sometimes they show themselves, most often to Klymene. Probably my least favourite part was view spoiler [ the fact that Penelope fell in love with one of the suitors.

Ithaka is a deep, remarkable story. As I read, I felt every emotion that swept through Penelope’s heart.


Penelope’s loom

To be honest this book was a disappointment. Telemachus is a very whiny boy growing up who just isn’t quite man enough, and his childhood friends added whom the gerws is told through their eyes was were the book really shined. When the Queen dies, Penelope finds herself ruler of the isla Ithaka turns our attention to the story of Penelope.

We see Argos dream doggy dreams, Penelope struggle to cope with the incre Loved this until I hated it perspective of Homer’s “The Odyssey” one of my all time favorite books. While I found the characters lacking, I did enjoy the premise of the novel and the acele of the actions.

Yes, people, we’re journeying to Ithkaa Greece as the battle of Troy rages on. It leaves you with a feeling that not all Greek stories and their heroes ended badly! Her first full-length novel was The Girls in the Velvet Frame.

Books of the Week. Penelope is visited by the goddess Pallas Athene.

Review: Ithaka by Adèle Geras | Books | The Guardian

Oct 04, Regina rated it liked it. Nov 27, Amanda Macias rated it really liked it. Geras’s previous novel Troy, Ithaka is definitely worth reading. How is Penelope and Telemachus able to stay so faithful of Odysseus as he is abroad, failing and attempting to get home? It has the classic spin of an ancient greek myth with gods and goddesses, written in a story format that made it much easier and enjoyable to read.