ISD Overview; Resources; Where to buy. The Nuvoton ISD ChipCorder Series is a high quality, fully integrated, single-chip Data Sheet. ISD datasheet, ISD circuit, ISD data sheet: WINBOND – Multi- Message Single-Chip Voice Record & Playback Devices,alldatasheet, datasheet . The Sound Recorder Module uses the ISD Chip to record and store voice signals. ISD series recording chip is a kind of high integration, high.

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During recording, if you press the FT, will also record the incoming voice signal Analn. Play All chip will often press the PLAY button all the voice messages, and the cycle until you release the button. Berlanggan Newsletter Nama Depan: Roro Jonggrang I No. After reset, play and record pointer points to the last paragraph, which the playback pointer to the last paragraph of the initial recording pointer vatasheet the last paragraph of the last.

During recording, if you press the FT, will also record the incoming voice signal Analn Documentation: Recording chip ISD series is a highly integrated, high-performance chips. Perform playback operations press this button, the playback pointer will point to the next section, double-click the point to this paragraph after the second paragraph of the starting point. After recording tone playback pointer will remain in dattasheet final finished recording segment start address, then playback will put the last paragraph 1 Edge: Until the minimum of sound, continue press this button, click, the sound increases 4db Note: ISD there was the new recording prompts, when a new recording after, LED back flash once every few seconds to alert users to new recordings.


Chip has two independent audio signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal inputs. Menampilkan data latitude, longitude dan jam satelit ke LCD Introduction gps-ctub Pada readme ini akan dijelaskan cara membaca Pengunjung IP Proxy Anda: In SPI mode, the user can do more functions on the chip operation. Run the playback is played the last paragraph, the last paragraph and then perform recording then start recording new last paragraph.

There are two ways, datadheet and level-triggered.

ISD1760 Datasheet PDF

It can be multi-segment recording, sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K to 12K, the power supply can range from 2. Recording data is stored in the FLASH chip, without any compression, so there is a better sound quality and power storage. Playback will jump to the xatasheet pointer in the second paragraph before erasing or penultimate paragraph.

After recording tone playback pointer will remain in the final finished recording segment start address, then playback will put the last paragraph.

Menampilkan data latitude, longitude dan jam satelit ke LCD Straight-through the operation datsheet voice from Analn end direct access to isd7160 or AUD output. Click this button during playback to stop playback of the current segment and then play the next paragraph, if you are currently playing the last paragraph, the last paragraph playback to stop playback first paragraph. The default maximum output sound chip, each click, the sound attenuation by 4db.


Longer recording time and mutiple message! After recording after a period raised the key, LED will also go out. FT pass through operations: Click this button chip perform a reset operation. It applies to all ISD series chip, with catasheet simple, fully functional characteristics. And press again to start recording the second paragraph, the subsequent paragraphs were operating.

ISD SY, voice record,playback ICs – elpro Elektronik

If any memory address for playback on the analog channel configuration register Analog PathConfiguration register, APC for reading and writing. Click this button to adjust the size of the chip output sound. In independent key mode, when the operation is completed, a functional chip will automatically enter power-down mode to reduce power consumption. Playback after playback pointer to the beginning lsd1760 the segment just put the address, click the PLAY button again will put just finished this release.

Single segment erase operation only work for the first and last paragraph, when the playback pointer in the first or the last paragraph, pressing this key will erase the first or last paragraph.