Iravatham Mahadevan is India’s most highly respected scholar of the un- deciphered ancient Indus script. Iravatham Mahadevan was an Indian epigraphist and civil servant, known for his successful decipherment of the Tamil-Brahmi script and. The scholar-epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan passed away at the age of 88 on November 26 in Chennai, having lived a life – or should one.

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This work is iravtham a classic in Harappan studies. His reply was instantaneous: Retrieved 10 October This advice and a great deal else came from Mahadevan through a series of emails from till What do we know about the Indus script? My thanks to the team at the library for the excellent tour and kind hospitality during my visit.

He spoke at colleges and conferences of his findings. What had started as a pursuit for making his working day as a bureaucrat meaningful soon became an all-consuming passion.

Embassy — New Delhi It was a privilege to visit the Roja Muthiah Research Library and to admire the dedication and commitment of the staff who have produced a Jewel without any of the resources better endowed places take for granted. The work that is being done in cataloguing and preserving materials is of a high order. This has been a historical and intellectual treat. A tribute to Iravatham Mahadevan, the man mahdevan first argued that Indus script was Tamil.

The Legacy of Iravatham Mahadevan Iravatham Mahadevan was an Indian epigraphist and civil servant, known for his successful decipherment of the Tamil-Brahmi script and expertise in Indus Valley inscriptions. He inspired without needing anything more than his work and the truth it spoke.


Keep up the excellent work.

A tribute to Iravatham Mahadevan, the man who first argued that Indus script was Tamil

I look forward to the research that Mahadevan and his colleagues are doing here. Kosambi, it should be remembered, saw it as a religious structure. Tell the world the truth of my people. The dedication and passion to create a archiving, retrieval and restoration is very inspirational. The collection is truly precious, and I hope more people learn of your wonderful work. A Megalithic Pottery Inscription and a Harappa tablet.

Vestiges of Indus Civilisation in Old Tamil Imagining a 4, year old Utopia, a living breathing actual Utopia that left evidence of its existence in archaeology.

I am very happy to see your research library.

As in all his work, his essentially rational approach was impressive. So we got talking on and off on what he was doing and there were even long telephone calls discussing his theories. With its East-West cities where the walls never need be thick enough to ward off invaders, because peace and equality were taken for granted.

Agastya legend and the Indus civilization This has been at the back of everything I have done since then. Iravatham Mahadevan died this Monday in Chennai, at age There was nothing in his education in that part mahwdevan Tamil Nadu which showed any inclination towards a career in ancient writings.

I was startled to discover that he was more knowledgeable about Indian epigraphy and the linguistic aspects of Dravidian and Indo-Aryan than some of the specialists.

The Legacy of Iravatham Mahadevan

The use of extremely sophisticated equipment to preserve and archive the riches of a nation and make available to researchers of the world, using also the new information highwayhistorical records and information, is most enriching. I had valuable explanations and discussions with the library staff.


Once he turned 50, he took voluntary retirement: I had to decipher them with available estampages as well as photographs and eye-copies that I had managed to uravatham. His belief about how scholars must conduct themselves remains, beyond question, the one aspect of his persona that I will remember — and miss — the most. Aryan or Dravidian or neither?: The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox.

Remembering Iravatham Mahadevan – The Hindu

Showcasing Tamil heritage through lectures, exhibitions,seminars. The first was relatively easier once the language of the inscriptions was recognised as Tamil. I also hoped, as I told him, that he would not misunderstand what I wrote.

Murukan in the Indus script The Writing Systemp. Texts, Concordance, and Tables”.

He spoke iracatham length about communities, about giving people a deep connection to the land and the place they lived in, and a deeper connection to the past. He lived to hear many people finally admit that he was right after all, that there was no more questioning the facts, his facts.

What was truly amazing was that he was professionally so good as an administrator and yet, at the same time, was acknowledged as a scholar of a dimension that many of the best scholars would envy.

The young Mahadevan studied science and law. Maahdevan and every best wish for the future. Printable version Dec 31,