IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code. The MA regulated under of the IMO MODU Code is for overall and close-up inspections and thickness measurements of the unit’s structure. IMO Resolution A(26) – Adopted on 2 December – Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, ( MODU.

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Height above sea level metres C H 0 — For units that have a movable cofe the 30 m should be measured with the substructure at its closest drilling position to the accommodation. The provisions apply to both marine and industrial machinery. Person in charge E-reader dowloads from IMO are non-returnable so please ensure that this is the format that you require before placing your order Please note: Imk and use of rooms or buildings protected by pressurization.

Maritime UK launches updated Code of Practice moodu autonomous navigation. Positive means of closure should be provided at watertight boundaries to preclude the progressive flooding of other spaces which are intended to be intact. Maritime Business and Human Rights: Such means of access should comply with the provisions of paragraph 2.

Where penetrations of watertight decks and bulkheads are necessary for access, piping, ventilation, electrical cables, etc.

The number of joints in such piping systems should be kept to a minimum and, where practicable, leakages from high-pressure oil fuel pipes should be collected and arrangements provided for an alarm to be given.

This is to certify that, at a survey under section 1. Your email address will not be published. Valve position indicators should be provided at the remote control station. Permanente link Huidige versie Meest recente versie. Alarms should be maintained until they are accepted and the visual indications should remain until the fault has been corrected, when the alarm system should automatically reset to the normal operating coxe.

In no case need the equipment be designed to operate when inclined more than:. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Electrical installations inspection mofu maintenance. Vessel motions represent a potential hazard to helicopter operations.


In corridor bulkheads, ventilation openings may be permitted only in and under the doors of cabins, public spaces, offices and sanitary spaces.

The indicator should give a clear and continuous warning when approaching the rated capacity of the crane. It should be further tested and recertified, at intervals not exceeding five years, or after substantial alteration or repairs. The obstacle-free sector marking should indicate the origin of the obstacle-free sector, the directions of the limits of the sector and the verified D-value of the helideck.

The Administration may accept ballast valve arrangements that do not fail to the closed position upon loss of 0209 provided the Administration is satisfied that the safety of the unit is not impaired. The plating of the well should also be suitably stiffened to prevent damage when the unit is in transit.

Challenges in the healthcare for crew members. In addition, at least two such apparatuses should be available on the MODU, so stowed that they can be rapidly placed in any liferaft.

Manning of survival craft and supervision The openings should be provided only in the lower half of the door. Where the emergency source of power, the transitional source of emergency power, and the emergency switchboard are contiguous to the boundaries of machinery spaces of category A or to those spaces containing the main source of electrical power, or to spaces of zone 1 or zone 2, the contiguous boundaries should be in compliance with kmo 9.

The Certificate should be issued or endorsed either by the Administration or by any person or organization recognized by it. Foul weather recovery strops should be provided coed safety if heavy fall blocks constitute a danger. Place of issue of certificate Relaties 6 relaties nodu bij document.

The Administration should be provided with model test ocde, reports on past operating experience with similar configurations or by calculations showing that adequate provision is made to maintain this clearance. However, hold-back arrangements incorporating remote release fittings of the fail-safe type may be utilized. Special consideration should be given to the design of ballast lines passing through ballast tanks, taking into account effects of corrosion or other deterioration.

IMO I810E 2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

Where ventilation arrangements of the intended safe space are considered sufficient by the Iom to prevent any ingress of gas from the zone 1 location, the two self-closing doors forming an airlock may be replaced by a single self-closing gastight door which opens into the non-hazardous location and has no hold-back device. The unit identification panels should be highly visible in all light conditions and located high up on the unit e.


In the case of a column-stabilized unit this would be the central ballast control station. Such heeling moment determination should include lift and drag effects at various applicable heel angles.

An innovative financial approach. Ga direct naar Inhoud of Menu. If a paint scheme is necessary to enhance identification by day, alternate black and white, black and yellow, or red and white bands are recommended, not less than 0.

Class es of extinguisher s. This person should be fully cognizant of his responsibilities for emergency organization and action, for conducting emergency drills and training, and for keeping records of such drills.

Provisions should be made on board for the recording of changes to and inspection of the equipment. Hazardous enclosed mud processing spaces should be ventilated at a minimum rate of 12 air changes per hour. The main steering gear and rudder stock should be so designed that they will not be damaged at maximum astern speed but this design requirement need not be proved by trials at maximum astern speed and maximum rudder angle.

The manuals should be concise and be compiled in such a manner that they are easily understood.


Any such unit should, however, comply with safety requirements which, in the opinion of that Administration, are adequate for the service intended and are such as to ensure the overall safety of the unit.

The inner diameter of the circle should be half the D-value of the largest helicopter for which the TLOF is designed. moodu

At least the following facilities should be operable after an emergency shutdown:.