alone, the IMO MODU Code alone, or a combination of these regulations. sections of the ABS MODU Rules, the IMO MODU Code and. CFR Section(s). Standards Body: e. IMO Resolution A Code for the Construction and. Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. (MODU Code). 46 CFR. Online Shop | IMO Publications | Marine Technology | MODU Code, Consolidated Free UK delivery on MODU Code, Consolidated Edition.

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The Administration should notify the Organization of the specific responsibilities and conditions of the authority delegated to nominated surveyors or recognized organizations. Such Certificate should he accepted unless there are clear grounds for believing that the condition of the unit or its equipment does not correspond substantially with the particulars of that Certificate and the operating manual.

Permanente link Permanente link Chapter 07 Machinery and electrical installations for self-propelled units Ingangsdatum: The modes of operation of a unit include the following: The inspections should be carried out on installation and at intervals not exceeding 12 months and certificates or reports should be readily available. An alarm should be provided that will indicate failure of any one of the supply phases.

Each mmodu exhaust duct should be fitted with: The Administration should determine the effect of such wing extensions with regard to the requirements for the strength of unit based upon length L. Any wind and wave spectra used should cover sufficient frequency ranges to ensure that critical codd responses are obtained. Where necessary for design purposes, any corners of the rectangle may be omitted, provided that neither of the two sides forming the right angle of the omitted triangle exceed 5 m in length.

The Administration should mosu provided with calculations, an analysis based on model tests, or a combination of both.

The Administration may permit or require deviations from these angles, taking into consideration the type, size and service conditions of the unit. Where the emergency source of power, the transitional source of emergency power, and the emergency switchboard are contiguous to the boundaries of machinery spaces of category A or to those spaces containing the main source of electrical power, or to spaces of zone 1 or zone 2, the contiguous boundaries should be in compliance with 9. Chapter 14 Operating requirements Ingangsdatum: Protection against excess current, if provided, should be for not less than twice the full load current of the motor or circuit so protected, and should be arranged to permit the passage of the appropriate starting currents.


If such corrective action is not taken notified immediately: Dry-dock surveys or equivalent underwater inspections should be endorsed on the Certificate issued under the provisions clde this section. Permanente link Permanente link 1.

Special consideration should be given to the design of bilge lines passing through ballast tanks taking into account effects of corrosion or other deterioration. A copy of the approved continuous survey programme, together with the record of the surveys, should be retained on board the unit and the Certificate issued in 199 with 1. This shelter should be of steel, insulated, where necessary, to the satisfaction of the Administration and be provided with a self-closing steel door at the lower end; or.

Free surface effects of the flooded well or recess should be taken into account in stability calculations. Buy The Civil Service Yearbook. Fire dampers are not required, however, where ducts pass through spaces surrounded by “A” class divisions, without serving those spaces, iimo those ducts have the same fire integrity as the divisions which they pierce.

The sides and backs and, where necessary, codw fronts of switchboards, should be suitably guarded. In order to allow deballasting of the ballast tanks intended to be used to bring the unit back to normal draught and to ensure no inclination after damage, air pipe openings for these tanks should be above the worst damage waterline specified in chapter 3.


1989 MODU Code (2001 Edition)

If the liferaft or liferafts cannot be readily transferred for launching on either side of the unit, the total capacity available on each side should be sufficient to accommodate the total number of persons on board. The unit may be either afloat or supported on the sea-bed, as applicable. Overzicht van meest recent bekeken documenten.

Control and indicating systems 4. The indicators should rely on movement of the valve spindle.

MODU Code ( Edition) – Maritime publications

It should include plans showing the location and extent of application of different grades and strengths of materials, together with a description of the materials and welding procedures employed and any other relevant construction information. Chapter 02 Construction, strength and materials Ingangsdatum: In these circumstances, the new certificate shall be valid to a date not exceeding five years from the date of completion of the renewal survey.

However, hold-back arrangements incorporating remote release fittings of the fail-safe type may be utilized. It modk be possible to achieve the severe storm condition without the removal or relocation of solid consumables or other variable load.

Additional information Weight 0. Where necessary, the two should be superimposed by adding the current velocity vectorially to the wave particle velocity. Obstructions in the limited obstacle sector should not extend ,odu a plane measures vertically from the edge of the deck with rise at a rate not exceeding one unit vertically for each two units horizontally from the edge of the helideck see figure