HylaFAX Software. Contribute to ifax/HylaFAX development by creating an account on GitHub. NOTIFY. Section: Misc. Reference Manual Pages (1m) Updated: May 8, Index Return to Main Contents. Chris Baechle wrote: > Thanks for the prompt response! I guess I’m a little unfarmiliar with > the arch of hylafax. I’m sending from a windows box.

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This is really a convience to our users. HylaFAX The world’s most advanced open source fax server. We can show them how to use winprint hylafax in about 10 seconds. It is designed to be customizable by the administrator. Useful settings for FaxNotify are: Or if it’s a binary, its config file.

Multiple values may be specified by separating them with whitespace.

The only possible options to the user are the fax number and return email and to save that fax number in the address book. Project hosted by iFAX Solutions.


LANG controls the localization of the text of the job notification messages.

If it’s too difficult, we found that they’ll get up and use the paper fax. We only one them to get one possible email for each fax. However, winprint hylafax is much simplier. This is useful in allowing the administrator hylafa be aware of any problems before those problems are reported by the users.

However, we still want them to know when it’s been successful.

Admittedly, WHFC is a superior client. WHY is identical to why mentioned above and can be useful in determining under what conditions various settings should take effect.

FaxNotify is sourced after the q-file is parsed and all default gylafax are hyylafax. Whether it failed or worked. Ideally this is done by creating a customized notify script in a different filename or by copying the default script to a different filename, customizing that new file, and then using NotifyCmd in the scheduler config file to point faxq 8C at the customized script. I want to know if it failed completely.

Re: [hylafax-users] notify

WHFC can be accidently exited too easy. For now, I think winprint hylafax is the best fit. However, I do not want to know that it requed it 8 times. Also, it gives them too many options. Some users get scared when faced with too much.


So I’m not sending directly using sendfax. We’ll probably use WHFC once people get addicted to faxing from their desk.

Man page of NOTIFY

I’m looking more along the lines of “Final status”. In that case a separate attachment is created for each filetype. We don’t want to spam their inboxes nottify the fax is undeliverable. The default notification script sends the user electronic mail describing the event or action. If set, this causes notify to return a copy of the submitted documents to the SENDER address along hylafa the notification message.

It has “always”, “never”, and “when delivered”.