View and Download Huawei EchoLife HGs user manual online. Hoome. EchoLife HGs Gateway pdf manual download. How to login to the EchoLife HGs. To login to the EchoLife HGs router and change the settings, you can follow these. EchoLife HGs Home Gateway User Manual. Issue Date No. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Address: Huawei Industrial Base.

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All Rights Reserved No part of this kanual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by mmanual means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. Do not dismantle the equipment by yourself.

In case of failure, send the equipment to an authorized maintainer. Without prior written consent from Huawei, no company manuao individual is allowed to decompile, disassemble, modify or reverse engineer the equipment and shall be solely responsible for any effect resulted from such action. Do not trample on, stretch, or over bend the equipment cables, to avoid equipment failure.

Do not use broken or worn wires. If a wire is broken or worn, contact your supplier for change. Keep the power socket clean and dry, to avoid electric shock or other dangers.

Note If the device is in use for a long time, temperature of the shell will go up. Please do not worry. This is normal and the device can work normally. The main contents are as follows: This manual will introduce how to install and configure HG HG provides both wired and wireless huaweu. Figure shows the network application of HG Manuao HG Note: Figure Front panel of HG Table describes these indicators. The link is normal in the routing mode.

Data is being transferred in the Blinking routing mode. It is used to connect with the USB interface of your computer.

Power It is used to connect with the power adapter. Antenna It is used for wireless connection with the LAN devices. Configure the computer to obtain IP address automatically. Alternatively, configure your computer to be in the same network segment as HG The default IP address of HG is The following dialog box is displayed. Figure Authentication Enter the default user name admin and password admin.

If you have problems during the configuration, contact your ISP for help.


Chapter 3 Web Configuration 3. Figure Home page of HG The left part is the navigation bar, providing links for you to access different pages. New to add PVC. After the configuration, click Apply to save the settings, or click Clear to clear the settings.


IP routing table will be sent out through the WAN interface. Other data will be discarded. By default, Default Route is enabled. If you select Disabled, only the data whose route is included in the IP routing table will be transmitted through the WAN interface. Enter the subnet mask for the Ethernet LAN interface.

By default, it is After the configuration, click Apply to save the settings.

Huawei EchoLife HG520 User Manual

If you change the IP address, you need to reboot HG Otherwise, the IP address of your computer needs to be configured manually or obtained from the DHCP server at the office end. Enter the validity period of the IP address in the Maximum lease hy520s text box. After configuration, click Apply to save the settings, or click Cancel to clear the settings.

DHCP server in the Lease time text box. After configuration, click Apply to save the manul, or click Clear to clear the settings.

Select a channel used for your wireless LAN from the Channel drop-down list. Remember that all wireless devices communicating with HG must use the same channel as specified in this page. LAN IP settings on your computers should be sufficient.

You may need to define routes if: Subnet Mask specifies the subnet mask of the destination computer. Gateway specifies the address of the gateway through which data to the destination computer will be forwarded.

If you are instructed by your ISP to change the modulation mode used for your service, select the desired modulation mode. The modulation modes available are All, G.

While clients and servers may locate anywhere in a network, they can be grouped together by the VLAN technology, and broadcasts can be sent to devices within the VLAN. Clear to clear the settings. Filters are used to deny or allow LAN computers to access Internet.

Huawei EchoLife HG520s Manuals

You can also block access from Internet to your LAN. The existing IP filters are listed in the page. You can click the icon to modify an IP filter. The IP filter configuration page is as shown in Figure If you select both, the filter rule will apply to packets from both sides. URL is a specially formatted text string that defines a location on Manuak.

If any part of the URL contains the blocked word, the web site will not be allowed to access. Click New to add URL filters. If you select Allow, the LAN computers can access all domains except the blocked domains. If you select Deny, the LAN computers can only access the permitted domains.


Click New to add domain filters. Click Firewall of Advanced in the navigation bar to display the firewall rules configuration page.

The firewall configuration enables you to protect the system against Denial of Service DoS attacks and other types of unauthorized accesses to your LAN. For Outside Port, enter the outside port of an external access. Thus, it is suggested that you mxnual not use this function. After configuration, click Apply to save the settings. You need to enter the Priority Weight. Select the PVCs that need to apply the scheduler.

You can click New to add one priority entry. In this case, you need to enter an accepted format value in Encryption Input text box. Click System Password of Tools in the nanual bar to display the password setting page. You can change the default password for security concern. Figure System password Huawei Technologies Proprietary Then the configuration file will be loaded to HG Click Backup to save the current system settings as a configuration file onto the local hard disk.

The settings will be saved as a. Figure Firmware upgrade To upgrade the firmware, enter the name and path of the file or click Browse to search for the file. The file will be loaded and HG will restart automatically.

Click Last to display the last page of the logs. Click Previous to go back to the previous log page. Click Next to go to the next log page. Click Clear to clear the logs completely. Click Log Settings to display the log configuration page.

The diagnostics function executes a series of test on your system software and hardware connections. You can use this function for troubleshooting. Click Diagnostics of Status in the navigation bar to perform the basic diagnostics for HG The program reports whether the test passed or failed.

A test may be skipped if no suitable interface is configured for running the test. You can click Refresh to update the statistics. You can click Counters Reset to reset the statistics and click Counters Refresh to update the statistics.

Physical and Environmental Specifications Power Adapter: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference, and This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.