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HT datasheet(1/11 Pages) HOLTEK | mA TinyPowerTM LDO

It logs the data to thingspeak using a very simple http post, then goes to deep sleep for 30 seconds. Based on 3 days of logging it seems like it will run for about 24 around 12 days total before the batteries reach the 2.

Further thoughts on power saving: They have low current datadheet while idle, but I figured why leave them powered when asleep? Another issue is the HT doesn’t have a pcb module on aliexpress, and it’s kinda tiny Added info below and revised the lifetime from 24 to 12 days, because the cutoff for 2 batteries is 5v not 2. Still not bad for a 30s htt7833 cycle.

Basic chart of the battery drain math: Check out a LiFePO4 cell instead of the lithium ion cells. It has a lower voltage and does not require a regulator to power the esp. I’ve got a bunch of ‘s and a charger already, and they have a slightly higher capacity.

HT7833 PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

That said, the idea of running without regulation is intriguing, and the LiFePo4 discharge curve is a lot more gentle. Since my other projects involve current hungry led strips, I’m probably sticking to LiIon for now.


Have you fully profiled current consumption?

Do you know how much if it comes from waking up and establishing a network connection every 30 seconds?

Do you need updated data pushed out every 30 seconds? Have you considered storing data locally and pushing it out every 5 minutes instead? I’m testing the battery lifetime and power saving techniques, it made sense to accelerate the testing regime. From that I can gauge device lifetime based on cycle frequency and available battery capacity. Here we are not even adding any loss for drop to 3.

So, how much will it last for esp operating for 2 mins an hour to take sensor data and transmit it at 82mA and the rest of the time at. Say days to bring it from academic numbers to real life or about. A bit over a year. Thus, I don’t know how he got 3 years I am just getting over a year with a way more powerful battery.

Add internal battery discharge, environment heat, etc I don’t see a battery making it for more than 2 years, and my battery is way more powerful.

These rechargeable batteries do discharge by themselves rather quickly. Thus, it limits us on internal discharge more than counting pico current. This is what I found on AGM batteries: And your calculation is extremely optimistic, the ESP does not consume 82 mA for sending data, it’s more like ht7383.


Have you read it? He writes about unsoldering the LEDs and their resistors. Also, the ESP does not run in milliamps when in deep sleep. It’s capable of running on 0. Yeah that’s when its in deep sleep. He did not take the power consumption when actually doing any work into account as far as I can tell.

HT datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits HT78XX — mA TinyPower(TM) LDO

Still a big improvement over not sleeping at all I guess, but it won’t last years. The key to long battery life in any embedded application is designing your application properly, and at the top of h7t833 list there to take full advantage of sleep modes.

This often imposes other constraints such as designing your application in such a way that the radio is not always powered up waiting for incoming connections, but such is life and datasheeet is no way around that. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? I’ll list my admittedly limited data and open my thingspeak channel when I get home. That’s on par with the am I’m looking for uA ht78833 mA.