Warlocks. Starter Products · All-in-One Army Boxes · Trollbloods · Warlocks. Solos. Starter Products · All-in-One Army Boxes · Trollbloods · Warlocks. Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros. The Power of Stone and Storm The Circle Orboros is humanity’s most ancient organization, composed of powerful mystics.

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Savage descendants of the barbaric Molgur, Tharn revere the Devourer Wurm. Circle warbeasts come in 2 distinct flavours, Living and Construct.

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Views Read Edit View history. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. This article is a skub. Browse Related Browse Related. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Hordes/Tactics/Circle Orboros

She protects them from enemy spells, empowers their attacks, and allows them to scout ahead of the rest of a Circle of Orboros army. Tharn are the most terrifying and ruthless warriors dedicated to the Circle Orboros.

This page was last updated: They balance the skills of a hunter with the brutality and savagery of the greatest predatory beasts. Primed white with small amount of paint.

Skip to main content. Through her sacrificial rites, she empowers her sacral blade to act The Circle’s playstyle is quite trolly, run up through terrain, strip orborps your defensive buffs, smack you really hard, then run back through terrain while creating more to pin you down. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it.


Its got a lot of options and can deal with a lot of list types quite easily, its also very shooty which catches a lot of opponents off-guard because the main shooting unit for the Circle is one of the few genuine garbage units in this game.

Tharns and Wolves is a bit similar to Defenders but is more competitive by going heavy on the Tharn, a race of primitives that sort of shapeshift into nasty beastpeople when they get mad, it also means using lots of the Warpwolves to orboroos them with serious hitting power units. Circle frequently causes uordes for armies like Skorne and Searforge who already struggle against terrain, have issues with armies with lots of Pathfinder and then the Hlrdes which has near universal Pathfinder and can create terrain and cloud cover because its important you can totally justify our trollface than letting them play a game with their models.

Stubs Privateer Press Hordes Tactics.

Hordes/Tactics/Circle Orboros – 1d4chan

Hordes – Circle Orboros: SAS on the otherhand tends to look like a very grindy list but is actually a quite a good control and scenario archetype compared to the other two. This page was last modified on 11 Marchat Your ad here, right now: Defenders of the Wild is considered the weakest style at the moment, you use Wolves of Orboros, Reeves and infantry warlocks to push your horde forward and jam up your the open spaces on the board with models to force your opponent into terrain where you can freely use your mobility to kite them out.


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All models are there and unopened. That said Legion of Everblight and to a lesser extent Cryx can shrug off hordse terrain and cloud creation as well as some of your other tricks making those 2 factions demand a different playstyle. Also shop in Also shop in. Retrieved from ” https: Iona the Unseen is among the rare few, a huntress whose fierce gaze can force obedience orborod both warbeast and subordinate Tharn alike. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

You can run a mix, in fact its quite useful as they cover each other’s weaknesses, but its often a case where you will see Circle lists being either Defenders Of The Wild, Tharns and Wolves, and lastly Sticks And Stones. She pushes her fellow Tharn to fight ha Box has been opened and brown packing paper at top removed. What you see is what you get.