Hexaflexagon Templates. Create your own hexaflexagons. Choose a template and follow the easy instructions to make your hexaflexagons. In her YouTube. This is the classic 3 faced hexaflexagon. This template is created to be easy to cut out, glue and fold up. This fresh design has been nicely labeled to best show . Hold the flexagon in two hands, looking down at the top face. Push three corners down and in to make three valley folds. At the same time pinch to make three.

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Both variations are folded from the same template.

How to Make a Hexa-hexaflexagon – Geometric Toys to Make – Aunt Annie’s Crafts

Default Title Date Random. Dodecahexaflexagon Guide Here are some wonderfull dodecahexaflexagon diagrams sent to me that are intended for someone completely unfamiliar with flexagons, and also utilize an independent color organizing system alpha, beta, and gamma. Make a hexagonal box to store your hexaflexagons or give a Flexagon Boxed Set as a gift.

There will be one piece with twenty triangles. The names of flexagons tell the type of polygon and the number of faces. As you flex hexqflexagon flexagon in this project, see if you can find all the possible combinations of faces. Print the blank black and white pattern and decorate the faces any way you like! To make a hexaflexagon with six faces, see the Hexa-hexaflexagons craft project.



Find more crafts Find more crafts by browsing the Hexaf,exagon Index or with a search If it doesn’t pop open, flatten the flexagon and try again with the other three corners. Read all of the directions. To make a larger hexaflexagon, enlarge this pattern.

Make one of these flexagons first before trying any of the others. Fold the flexagon to bring together three alternate corners of the flexagon. Square Flexagon – 4 faces. Enlarge Share this craft.

Hexaflexagons | Vi Hart

He found this to be very interesting. Bonus Pattern Enlarge Tip: This fresh design has been nicely labeled to best show off the mathematical properties of the flexagon.

It looks like an ordinary paper hexagon with a front and a back, but hidden inside is a third side or face that can be brought to the outside by flexing the paper. Fold the 1 back. Now try to find all five faces!

Fold back on the line between the third and fourth triangles 2 and 1 —four 2s are together now. Templzte the folded pattern with the side without glue tabs facing up, and the end with a green 2 triangle to the left.


Score and fold back and forth on all the solid lines.


You can then “flex” the 3-D hexaflexagon, exposing each of four six-sided faces, one at a time. Find more crafts Find more crafts by browsing the Project Index or with a search There should be six 2s on top and a 1 to the side.

Try to make the cuts very straight and accurate. Your flexagon is done! There are hecaflexagon types of flexagons. Score and fold back-and-forth on all the solid lines.

Read all of the directions. Can you name them? The hexa-hexaflexagon has six faces with 3 different arrangements each, for a total of 18 possible faces.