With respect to trademarks: HackMaster is a registered trademark of Kenzer and Company. Hacklopedia of Beasts, the Kenzer and Company logo. I’m reviewing the Hackmaster PHB. The HackMaster Player’s Handbook, from the cover, is unmistakably a parody of the Player’s Handbook. HackMaster, the game of choice for the Knights of the Dinner Table. As for cost, the Hackmaster PHB costs the same as most other main gaming system books.

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Some of the older charts have been modified Stats between 11 and 14 are no longer “worthless”. Wednesday, 11th April, Crits are not just double damage GM attitude may be cute for 13 year old GMs bereft of any friends, but is not suited for more socially adapted people. Complete and very useable. Talents like less sleep, photographic memory, acrobatic, tough hide and spear bonus are just some examples.

Now a group of six kobolds might actually kill a character or two if you’re not careful. Phg HackMaster for a few sessions and you will realize that this is the last fantasy roleplaying game you will ever need.

Arguably if not factually the most popular fantasy story of all is such a tale. The former giving some extra building points for the rest of the charakter creation. If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail hackmasger nobleknight nobleknight. Tuesday, 20th March, Little Keep of the Borderlands?

The Art of Hacking! | HackMaster Player’s Handbook | RPGGeek

The base world is Garweeze Wurld, which the Knights play in, but you can make your own world. Quirks and Flaws are what turn your hero character into a major loser.

The good news is that a sane Hqckmaster will ignore this and tone down the quirks and flaws, maybe by giving the players extra BPs without them and a relatively good game will be the result. True heroism comes from overcoming the odds and risking life and limb in hcakmaster perilous situation not the faux valor that comes from defeating supervillains when the chance of failure is slim or none.


I could write a lot more but beeing a german it was hakmaster quite alot of work to write this review. HackMaster is certainly not as modular and easy to learn as 3E, but it is a great game in its own right that while not for everyone, deserves a look from anyone who has ever felt the thrill of rolling up that first character, only to have him killed by a kobold ten minutes later Monday, 28th May, Players can then use building points to increase the ability or wait and as they increase in level their abilities will increase gradually as well.

It is all about killing and breaking things in this hilarious, yet fully playable RPG of mad sorcerers, armies of orcs and wicked weapons.

Weapons receive sepperate values for damage against small, medium or large opponements, armor and shields get hitpoints see combatbut most of the rules are just the typical stuff. However, hwckmaster the spirit of the game is “Darwinism on overdrive,” both players and GMs are out to make sure any rules loopholes are interpreted in their favor or at least in some sensible manner.

The hxckmaster problem with BPs is that you start with almost none. I have played this game.

The Piazza – Information

I rate this product five out of five and urge you to take a look at it instead of just dismissing the game as a phhb. Infact constantly having to clarify what the mean to players was tiresome. The overwhelming majority of rules for this game come straight from the old 1st ed.

  6ES5 318-8MB12 PDF

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December,hackmzster If problem solving is the essence of roleplaying, then the journey to hero is the ultimate method of play.

The Piazza

What I’ve found is that HackMaster is indeed the game that best recreates the feeling of wonder and excitement that gaming was about back then, and the Player’s Handbook is one of the critical elements that lets you do this. I found hacjmaster rule heavy and bothersome for the most part.

Join Date Sep Posts The fourth chapter is about the story behind the Charakter. Furthermore, the jokes are funny. Also, the game “kind of” adopts the same GM v. Why bother ensuring your character carries enough rope when your party wizard can simply conjure some? While I don’t see any real need for an atttribute wholly concerned with attractiveness, honor plays a major part during an Hackmaster seesion and provides help to the player with extra dice AND the gamesmaster more on this in chapter 5.

Hacklopedia of Beasts 2 – Cats, Small to Efreeti. Do not let the name fool you. In HackMaster, players begin running characters generally little better than the local commoner. The whole concept depends on mentors and real training so in Hackmaster there no “I got the experience, now I have the new skills and feats” feeling from D A Flaw system, honor system, ;hb shift system, and a “hit point system” for armor have all been added.

Barbarians, assassin and Cavaliers are back and a Ranger that doesn’t suck. Roberts- You are incorrect.