GURPS Spaceships [David L. Pulver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three, two, one Blast off! GURPS Spaceships is the. GURPS Spaceships (4ed) *OP [David L. Pulver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spaceship sourcebook for GURPS 4th Editon. Is gurps spaceships a good product for people wanting to do SFRPG campaigns ? I was wondering how detailed it was? Is it fairly detailed or is.

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Unless there is some complex gravity fields in the way.

GURPS Spaceships 8: Transhuman Spacecraft

Even constant dodging can lead to mistakes accumulating in data due to problems with relative positioning. There is also a neat rock-paper-scissors dynamic between the different types of weapons and their ideal countermeasures, with armor countering lasers, point defense countering missiles and maneuver countering railguns.

Salvo tables handle large numbers of attacks with fewer dice rolls. You can’t pack a powerful particle beam in small size.

B26except that it can never be turned into actual, “liquid” cash. Preview of the PDF. The battle klaxons have sounded! Railguns in particular are slow and you’d have to saturate a huge volume of space to cover the entire maneuver manifold of an accelerating target. In space at long range that’s not a concern but diffraction is, so people will use the shortest wavelength practical.

Add the cost of both systems together and divide by two. Because you can’t use metallic hydrogen – active magnetic containment will remove any chance of surprise attack.

Other volumes in the series expand on the core for more possibilities! Operators on the ship in such a system give only general recommendations and missiles make their own decisions basing them on more relevant data. In separating turns into distinct crew member phases, it also keeps the action and drama at the character level rather than subsuming them in a seemingly unrelated strategy game.

Eclipse Phase lists an open range of km for vehicle size radios and radio boosters.

GURPS Spaceships 3: Warships and Space Pirates

Placing drones close allows for better resolution. Orbital combat might use smaller hex sizes. Strategy centers on correctly guessing your enemy’s capabilities while concealing your own, and gutps correctly timing the deployment of scarce resources. Factions that eschew this level of automation Jovians, and maybe Lunar-Lagrange Alliance have larger crew requirements, because one mind doesn’t have the support necessary to control and recalculate firing solutions for 30 laser turrets in real time.


Size is no obstacle. For example, a J-4 ship will need to install six Fuel Tank systems, all of which will be emptied by a full-range jump. This is a Design Feature p.

Though how good are they depends on composition of opponents fleet. UV lasers don’t work well in atmosphere. This limits tactical maneuver by interplanetary vessels and prefigures a kind of carrier warfare in which these craft deploy swarms of high-thrust assets.

It’s the core book in a series whose other volumes will present examples of ready-to-use spacecraft and comprehensive rules for commercial space flight, warfare, exploration, ports, industry, and other aspects of space travel.

Spaceship Design and Combat: GURPS conversion

Skill Conversion This modified system uses 1d10 for skill rolls rather than 1d Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in spaecships and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Do you keep your radiators extended, risking them in the hopes of outlasting a more cautious enemy? Warships and Space Pirates. Same with railguns and missiles. Lasers and shrapnel kinetics designed to fill a volume which are already included in GURPS under “proximity detonation” could certainly be used to clear them out; just not with perfect accuracy.

One thing that’s missing from GURPS is how to handle the drone-centric force composition suggested by Sandberg’s analysis and confirmed by Jack Graham.

Using GURPS Spaceships in Traveller

Whether you’re looking to fight with myriad combat-ready vessels, travel between worlds with Passenger Space Vehicles, or explore a variety of space stations, this supplement has you covered. Sensors don’t have perfect resolution, and that matters when you need accuracy within a few meters from thousands or tens of thousands of km away. It strikes a perfect balance between detail and playability, and it’s quite adept at simulating Traveller spaceships Read the Designer’s Notes for free on Pyramid!


Note that “spinal mounts” on larger ships should usually be bought as fixed Major Batteries, not Spinal Batteries. Even if you launch missiles from such a distance they won’t get much benefit from this because by the time they will reach target information that you will feed them will be outdated. Though you’ll need to keep them close to the ship to combat problems with their positioning and you will have problems with timing their acceleration to acceleration of your ship because they use different drives have different mass and many other things.

This is just a game design difference, and doesn’t really change the underlying statistics very much, but the base EP rules just make things effect that attackers chances for success, while defenders adjustments are very rare.

They should be perfectly capable of striking a “stationary” target from very far away, but easier for mobile targets to dodge than either beams or missiles. Written by David L. Finally, the decile values allow easy conversion between base Eclipse Phase and a scaled up ship combat system. Combat Scales For deep space battles a hex size of 1, km and 3-minute or minute turn lengths is appropriate. Owners can have their ships insured usually at a cost of 0.

So armour still will be needed. Lasers in base EP are stated as infrared though could presumably be frequency doubled to visual green.

If you absolutely need to take them out from half the Solar system it’s probably better to use an autonomous missile with minimal fuel load which can adjust it’s trajectory after getting spacships close range.

This dDR lasts for one turn, or indefinitely if taking Drift maneuvers. If a vehicle dock is targeted in combat and no vehicle is present, use the dDR of the larger spaceship; a disabled system prevents future docking. Certain specialty crafts may have a dedicated fuel processorwhich is bought as a Mining and Refinery system.