GURPS Lite has only three basic “game mechanics”: s u c c e s s GURPS Lite Abridged Rules .. Players are free to select height and weight for their char-. Hi, I just wanted to know if I’m free to give the GURPS lite PDF to my friends or they should register and get it themself from e23? It’s not all of my. Just thought I would post this link for those who might be interested in taking a look at GURPS. This is a FREE download from SteveJackson.

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February 5th, at 2: They are mostly being replaced with other forms of entertainment. Gurps IS the best roleplaying system there is right now. MMORG, movies, skype etc. February 25th, at 3: What has seemed to work to allow them to do enough things well ltie they feel like a productive member?


Yes for a GM its lots of reading and I will have to come up with what skills and such players can take. Overall I like what I have read. Everyone except SJG, that is. This just gives you a framework that allows for ANY story.

But they might not have the problem about voting me off the island. Go through the lists of advantages, disadvantages, skills and equipment. You are encouraged to copy and share these 32 pages freely.

Rules for starving to death or dying of tetanus. I started playing Gurps back when it was first published in and so I had the advantage of learning it one step at a time. You think looking stuff up on tables slows things down? I think it was after the 12th failed attempt by 4 different people over the course of 3 weeks to make a spaceship that even functioned let alone functioned well enough to do what we wanted it to that ultimately drove us away.


The second was a basic no-magic party adventure called Caravan to Ein Arris, which was actually pretty good for a newbie GM and players. I really thoguht I had looked for something liek that, I must have done it without lute glasses on: It is intended for free distribution. All times are GMT Product details Unknown Binding: More game should do a “Lite” booklet for that reason alone. We were probably expected to burst in through the front doors of a castle and fight the guards inside.

That great flexibility in character creation can and will bite the unwary in the ass. GURPS is too complicated. December 12th, at 3: One of the folks commenting above mentioned their burps making online aidsfor it, for example.

Then Supers came out and proved Gurps could not ftee off a superhero game. This is a losing proposition on any day.

How Do GURPS and Why it Sucks Anyway | Musashi’s Cheesy Home Page v

Please visit our web site at www. I downloaded GURPS lite first and read all of that and then picked up the character and campaign books. So when you buy a setting book, you could have the option of getting just basic rules and stripped down skill and dis advantages lists that fit that setting. So, while my next posts will get back to the rules and tweaks that I enjoy making, I thought his post was well worth linking to, and it inspired some of my own thoughts on how to make GURPS better.


Their policies toward any sort of fan contribution have always been shit. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. They like them because even without extra rules frde to their game of choice, the supplements are generally well-researched and accurate… that is, realistic.

Warehouse 23 – GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

I have Contacting Aliens: GURPS always offered the flexibility to create the setting I wanted and the characters I wanted without driving myself further insane. Vurps better term for highly unrealistic games might be “consistency.

Anyone that thinks Gurps was to hard or complicated to understand was doing it wrong. Both of these statements are true. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. I would love to see SJG make more like this, even if most of it is on e23 and Amazon. TLDR; Megarant at the end of the night after a long session of awesome gurps. Stat imbalance was, if not completely, largely fixed.