Craig (Divorced, Desperate and Delicious) fills her new romantic thriller Gotcha! Christie Craig, Author. Dorchester/Love Spell $ (p). Read Gotcha! A Tall, Hot & Texan Novel by Christie Craig by Christie Craig by Christie Craig for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad. After a lifetime of undependable men, her brother’s prison break brings Mr. Right into Macy’s life – a Houston detective who won’t let her be the one who got away.

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So he listened to her tale. Every spoken syllable was like bowel surgery. Books of the Week.

Christie Craig : New York Times Bestselling Author

Don’t Close Your Eyes. Now at 25m she is working as a pizza delivery girl to put herself through law school. But he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got himself locked up from burglary, and now Macy feels like she truly has failed at everything, failed at her marriage, raising her brother, and her college education.

If I had purchased this as a physical book as opposed to downloading the ebook to my Nook I cyristie have red-penned the hell out of it and sent it straight back to publishing house. Law gotcua and pizza delivery girl Macy Tucker becomes the special project of detective Jake Baldwin after her sweet gy unreliable brother, Billy, escapes from jail on the heels of suspected killer David Tanks.

Craig kept mentioning that Macy was having her period. It was funny and romantic and everything else it promised to be.

It was funny and romantic and everything else it prom I think I first read this book in or possibly Macy has never been able to rely on the men in her life! I loved how all characters get connected to one another. Jake is a little messed up as well, he lost his preacher father to cancer and his ex-fiancee to his brother and he doesn’t like talking about himself but what I liked was that when he got a little heavy-handed protecting Macy, she didn’t take it, instead she kept him on his toes even when I wanted to tell her to grab him.


Booklist Review

I can’t say that I liked heroine more than hero. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I got this as a freebie. I downloaded this book for free but if I had paid for it, I would say it was worth the money!

I know we all do that but don’t need it thrown in my face, even as an excuse for ot having sex. Christie manages to weave all of the multiple story lines together in such a seamless and clever way Out on a Limb. I just didn’t have closure to a lot of threads that were included with story. This was definitely one of those reads that once you started you will not want to put it down until the end.

He shook his head. Macy is another reason which might prevent people to enjoy this. Jake is the son of a preacher so he couldn’t act rude, could he? But despite all that I actually had fun reading this because Macy’s family is weird and there is a lot of humour.

After a lifetime of undependable men, her brother’s prison break brings Mr Right into Macy’s life – a Houston detective who won’t let her be the one who got away.


Love Me if You Dare. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Overall, imo author created far-fetched, frivolous protagonists while she was trying to make them hero romantic or appealing for a romantic story heroine. Macy was married before and was burned. Enter Officer Jake Baldwin.

Paperbackgotca. Craig just has a knack of making the reader care about what happens to her characters. To put things lightly, men have been undependable.

Gotcha! a Tall, Hot & Texan Novel

craib Grandpa promised to take her to the circus and “dropped dead in his spaghetti. I’m very surprised by this book. I had given it 3 stars but it had been before GR so I might have made mistake when adding and rating my books or that Hy was in a mood when I first read it. June Romantic Times Review: Blue Heron Complete Collection. Although her life was in stake, she was determined to ignore all protection requests and helped to create more tasks to policemen. And hotter than Texas toast is the investigating detective.

The whole book was light-hearted fun, we see Billy who has escaped to protect Macy and Ellie his gf and we see Jake try really hard to catch Macy. I really tried to keep reading the book but either I’ll end up crqig too soon reading slump or it will take forever to finish the book.

Some might consider the humor as stupid-funny. That’s why dating’s off the menu.