George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11, ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to be one of. Abstract: George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11,. ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to. Gogu Constantinescu had innovative ideas in the field of reinforced concrete and of the mathematical machinery. His technical work includes construction after.

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The principal function of hydraulic condensers is to counteract inertia effects due to moving masses. Other inventions included a “railway motor wagon”. The energy is transmitted by periodic changes of pressure and volume in the longitudinal direction and may be described as wave transmission of power, or mechanical wave transmission.

Theory of sonics

In the condenser we will cconstantinescu At next rotation the amplitude is increased, and so on, till the pipe burst. George “Gogu” Constantinescu Romanian pronunciation: He was the first to use reinforced concrete in the construction of buildings in Romania among the buildings he built, we can mention: The theory is applicable to various systems of power transmission but has mostly been applied to hydraulic systems.

The theory was the first chapter of compressible flow applications and has stated for the first time the mathematical theory of compressible fluid, and was considered a branch of continuum mechanics. Oxen House, ConistonUnited Kingdom. Did you know that? This is an constantinescy access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

George Gogu Constantinescu October 4, – December 11, was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to be one of the most important Romanian engineers.


George (Gogu) Constantinescu | Science Publications

Later on, in his life, he has projected several well-known buildings throughout the country including the Sports Stadium ,the Chamber Commerce building, and the Constanta mosque. The couple moved to Wembley and, after their son Ian was born, they moved to Weybridge. Waves are transmitted constnatinescu a reciprocating piston along the pipe eeee.

The maximum and minimum points do not move along the pipe, and no energy flows from generator a. If the motor is connected in an intermediary point, part of the energy will be taken out by the motor while the stationary wave will persist at reduced amplitude.

For pipes with greater diameter greater velocity can be achieve for same value of k. He had several patents for improvements to carburetorsfor example US Born in Craiova, Romania — year — october 4th day — Past away Coniston Water, England, yeardecember 11 th.

The above equations are used in order to calculate the springs required for a condenser of a given capacity required to work at a given maximum stress. He was an honorary member of the Romanian Academy. In alternating current flowing a pipe the friction appear at the surface of the pipe and also in liquid itself. Thus, the inventor has funded a company and has managed to win an auction which allowed him to build 5 bridges across the country. The latter ran on normal flanged steel wheels but the drive used a road vehicle powertrain with rubber tyres pressed against the rails.

A small calculation shows that since the first inventionuntil the date of transition to eternityon average every 4 months a patent was made and if we count only the most prolific years, it results in invention per month.

Use dmy dates from July Articles lacking in-text citations from March All articles lacking in-text citations. While Gogu Constantinescu has invented many useful things around inventions which have been patented all over the worldhe has mostly worked towards a successful usage of steel reinforced concrete.

  ISO 15223-2 PDF

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The Admiralty, London, Gogu Constantinescu was one of those brilliant minds, whose ideas have long outstripped his physical existence, but which today preserves its topicality, surprising by its accuracy, inventiveness and applicability.

Therefore, the relation between the hydromotive and current can be written:. G the coefficient of constantinecsu elasticity of the metal. Share on Facebook Share. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A Treatise on Transmission of Power by Vibrations. Views Read Edit View history. If constantinesu energy is produced by piston b then is taken by piston m the energy will be reflected by piston m in pipe, and the energy will accumulate till the pipe burst.

George Constantinescu

There are branches at one-half, three-quarters and one full wavelength distances. The system was not adopted on British railways but it was applied to some railcars on the Romanian State Railways.

The birth of the theory of sonics [1] can be considered the publication of the book A treatise on transmission of power by vibrations in by the Romanian scientist Gogu Constantinescu. Most of cohstantinescu discoveries never could be public because were kept top secret by British ministery of defense ,and were about military technology,about plains and strategic weapons. Archived from the original on 20 March If only valve c is open, since at this point the variation of pressure is always zero, no energy can be taken out by the motor n, and the stationary wave will persist.