The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer – swash and swoon. All hail the queen of the Regency romance, whose glorious romps demand. WHY READERS LOVE GEORGETTE HEYER AND THE CONVENIENT MARRIAGE: The story concerns love and marriage, trust and friendship, gossip and. The plot of the Convenient Marriage is different in so many ways from the typical Georgette Heyer novel. One is the tenderness with which the.

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The Convenient Marriage – Wikipedia

You are commenting using your Facebook account. With two unmarried younger sisters, prim Charlotte and impulsive Horatia, and their self-indulgent elder brother Pelham about as much help to his family as a rainstorm at a picnicshe must marry well.

It was just so painful. I have read a book from Barbara Cartland with similar plot!

Though perhaps this behaviour is understandable in a newly married young woman at the tender age of seventeen, I am the same age, and I declare I should be far too embarrassed to squander the fortune of a man I had only just married.

The genre I fall back on whene Oh, that was a lovely story! A delight you want to prolong and are sad to be parted from after the last incredibly romantic moments are over. I believe I am, in fact, upon the brink of accomplishing something that I have been meaning to do for years.

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The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer, A Review | Jane Austen’s World

They have wonderful relationship. The scenes with her are just painful you want to take a shotgun to the earl but other than that, it’s great fun, and the Georgian era is beautifully evo When Horry goes to the remote, sophisticated Earl of Rule to offer herself as the Family Sacrifice in her older sister’s place, the earl surprises everyone by accepting her proposal.


There are often flippant heorgette about servants, the way that people talk about those who are not rich and aristocratic — it is hard to take sometimes. Any ads that appear on this site were placed there by WordPress.

Having georrgette that Lethbridge is an excellent card player, she attempts to coerce Lethbridge into playing with her and he eventually relents, proposing that they play for a lock of her hair.

Be the mardiage to ask a question about The Convenient Marriage. The Earl of Rule accepts the offer of s Ms.

Women wear elaborate mantuas and shoes teorgette heels studded with emeralds, their hair is dressed in powdered curls, and there can be and is wonderfully flirtatious play with patches on the face.

Obviously most people aren’t sensible at 17, which is one of the problems of having a 17 year old heroine. Dangerous Liaisons made tue with absurdity. But the story is as darling as the protagonist’s stammer is enduring. I freely admit, I was wrong to spurn him.

She suddenly find — to her own tremulous surprise — she had fallen deeply in love with the man she had married for money. And I ought to t-tell you that we have quite given up hope of my g-growing any taller. A romance is not seen in any of these goings on. When Horry goes to the remote, sophisticated Earl of Rule to offer herself as the Family Sacrifice in her older sister’s place, the earl surprises everyone by accepting her proposal.

I adored Horry — is that too Ticky of me? It has all the requisite winning elements: Georg This one is filled with clothing descriptions that use words for wigs, hair styles, fabric proper names, styles of cut, pannier width equivocation etc. Novels by Georgette Heyer. Ah well, I am now forewarned. Richard Armitage is incredibly good at using his voice to give life to an incredible parade of convincing characters, from young, brave, a bit naive Horatia with her stammer to funny, adventuresque Pel and Pom, from delicate, beautiful Elizabeth Winwood to gallant, treacherous Lethbridge.


Coming up against unfamiliar terminology did pull me out of the story, although not catastrophically. Originally published in ; Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, I noticed they had cut a lot from the original version, maybe too much for Heyer fans entire scenes and characters, for instanceso I stopped the CD gforgette read the book instead.

Paperbackpages. The first thing that struck me was ghe very funny it was. Then we get a lovely, lovely, marvellous declaration scene between Horry and Rule and I could almost forgive all the boredom before.

The Convenient Marriage

After years of promising myself and countless others many of you that I would do it, I finally managed it!

Or rather, she starts off very promising indeed and then proceeds convehient be rather hysterical for the next couple hundred pages. Rule, discovering that he has fallen for his own wife, sets out to court her.

I actually did it. Nov 26, Ruth Turner rated it really liked it Shelves: I gorgette very close to skimming which I just don’t do with Heyer books. I love that she goes full Duchess of Devonshire – gambling, spending, gamboling around town with a group of cads.

Feb 03, Steven Walle rated it it was amazing.

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