Check out this new article Wizards of the Coast posted recently: Genasi of Athas. Chandra Nalaar the hothead by theDURRRRIAN female fire genasi alchemist tinkerer inventor goggles steampunk sorcerer wizard sorceress witch armor. Some Genasi legends, as well as physical descriptions of the new manifestations , and information on Genasi communities on Athas.

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Tuesday, 14th September, Each are a welcome inclusion to a setting that was built on the foundation that the world is close to the elemental planes and elemental power was common. The reclusive half-elementals, also known as genasi, are little more than legend, and tales told by travelers who claim to have encountered them are often dismissed as outright lies.

Within its pages we found how to become a Dragon or Avangion wizardsMember of the Order psionicistor an elemental elemental cleric.

That’s a falacy, Sorcerer Kings keep a private stock of them for special occasions I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. With Adepts seeking to control elemental power and Builders seeking to take power away by destroying the World as it is.

So my recommendations are to. Your Wisdom score increases by 1. But their emergence is unmistakable, and those who live along the shores of the Silt Sea wonder if this trickle presages a greater and more terrible flood.

D&D Genasi of Athas

I’m ready to Ascend! The biggest problems I had were how they affect tone and how they fit in a low magic setting. In the days following the Dragon’s return to sanity, Borys saw the need for Rajaat’s prison to be sufficiently protected from those seeking it.

Facial patterns are gennasi to each individual. They need to cover up any outward signs of their parentage, and their magic is no better understood than a preservers. Welp, one quick bit of alteration to the ash genasi, and now I have a model for a playable yuki-onna.

They make their homes on the tiny islands rising from the vast Silt Sea spreading out to the east, far from the city-states and their trade routes.


Winning Races: Genasi of Athas

For the first time in memory, the half-elementals have begun an exodus from their hidden redoubts and are now exploring the lands they abandoned years ago. Elemental Gifts are easily understood and should certainly be included in any Dark Sun campaign.

Elemental manifestations are what give genasi their distinctive appearance. Their elemental nature, however, is unmistakable, and the power of the Elemental Chaos bleeds from them through their tempestuous personalities and the manifestations in their flesh.

The Burnt World of Athas – Heroes of the Elemental Chaos as a Dark Sun supplement

Dregoth then gave life to the second of his children, born in his true image. I like my games to be normalish people struggling against vastly superior foes. Atbas Dragon, seeing a need to have even greater control over his valley of dust and fire, imprisoned the Prince of Magma between the Plane Below and the world so the primordial’s inherent power would continue to power the lake of fire’s magma flows.

Genasi from the same tribe have the same color and shape of pattern, which is a useful identifier of origin. Mingled bloodlines combined with the ever-changing world have resulted in new elemental manifestations.

JavaScript is currently disabled. They live somewhat longer than humans do, up to years. It’s nice that you can maintain it on the off chance that creatures get knocked back in, but you can’t move it at all, so that kinda sucks.

The reclusive half-elementals known as genasi are little more than legend, and tales told by travelers who claim to have encountered them are often dismissed as outright lies.

You also gain sandslidewhich makes you insubstantial and lets you move through enemies squares, as well as go through any opening larger than a grain of sand. Chlimbia, Prince of Magma, came forth with his evil host to quell the thief of his domain and to use this wound in the world to expand his dominion.

The fluff is intended for Dark Sun, but I could see the creation myth being used in any campaign setting. We’ve already been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have instant access to your previous versions. Join Date Jan Location 48th street and 48th avenue, queens, ny Posts 1, Independent and self-reliant, genasi tend toward a neutral alignment.


The 4e setting gave us epic destinies of a similar nature: Your Strength score increases by 1.

You should be logged in genaso clone a site. Rajaat99 Brent Welborn It’s also good for DMs looking for a solid Athasian villain.

Examples include wreaths of smoke, flames, or crystalline growths. You gain a bonus to saves against ongoing damage based around fire or radiant, and you don’t suffer any problems in the temperature extremes including sun sickness. Aside from the windsoul PP feature ooops. They have no love for the mortal races, and their arrogance is equaled only by their tempestuous personalities. In a world like Athas, where elemental worship is prevalent, the rewards granted by the elements should also be prevalent.

The desert voice paragon path offers a lot of flexibility. Since the prison needed to be of sufficient power to keep even Rajaat’s former champions away, Borys reached into the Elemental Chaos and let magma bleed into the world, sparing naught but his kingdom of Ebe. Click here to edit contents of this page. For an individual to survive, one must then take control of this chaotic energy.

Whenever you make an Intelligence History check related to the origin of stonework, you are considered proficient in the History skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus. To these Dregoth gave hearts of stone, blood of acid, and breath of fire to cause fear in all his enemies. Chlimbia’s imprisonment had an unintended consequence for the Dragon and his plans, as imprisoning the primordial trapped many of Chlimbia’s servants on Athas.

You should check them out. You can cast the Pass without Trace spell once with this trait, requiring no material components, and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest.