Internet Marketing With Gauher Chaudhry . Yesterday I started testing a new CPA campaign by sending pay per view (PPV) traffic from Trafficvance. One of the. Last May, I held a media buying workshop here in Toronto and had top media. Over the last decade, my company has spent millions of dollars on paid.

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Over the last decade, my company has spent millions of dollars on paid advertising to send traffic to CPA offers. Below is a list of ways that we made free passive income from CPA offers without having to spend any money.

At one point we had dozens of sites built in a variety of different niches that we were operating in.

Internet Marketing With Gauher ChaudhryBlog – Internet Marketing With Gauher Chaudhry

We used a free banner script downloaded from OpenX. Some of these web sites were solely created to please Google Adwords.

Although we never drove any paid traffic to the main page of the web sites, they did end up get free SEO traffic it is amazing what can happen when you try to please Adwords. I am a big proponent of creating big email lists and I believe the fastest way to do it is to buy traffic. fauher

We use CPA offers to gquher pay for these paid costs by placing CPA offers on the confirmation page right after the prospect gives their email address. Some of these outgoing links can easily be a link to a related CPA offer. For example, if you were posting in a gardening forum, you could link out to a good quality gardening CPA offer. In my chadhry years of creating email lists in dozens of markets, I always took advantage of using the postscript section of each email to do a promotion.

I used to have my staff create Squidoo lenses on certain gauhed so that I could show good quality outgoing links on web sites created to gauhfr Google Adwords …man the things we had to do for Adwords. These Squidoo lenses ended up getting ranked quite high in Bing and Yahoo and received a lot of free traffic.

We still occasionally register misspellings of popular domain names and redirect the traffic to a related CPA offer. Once you register the domain and redirect it through a good converting CPA offer link, this truly is passive income.

There are hundreds of hcaudhry online classified sites. You can easily post CPA offers on a lot of these sites in a related category. I would speak with your affiliate manager first if this is allowed because most CPA networks will not allow you to post CPA offers on big classified sites like Craigslist or Kijiji.


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Make sure you include a link out to a related CPA offer at the beginning or end of your powerpoint presentation. I highly recommend that your comments add value to the discussion and if you do that, placing a related CPA offer link will not seem so obtrusive. YouTube is the second largest search engine online and a highly ranked video can get you a lot of traffic. I know a lot of affiliates who made a lot of money posting popular videos that ended up going viral.

Would You Take $1 Billion Dollars, But Only Two Years To Live?

By including a link to a CPA offer at the beginning of the video description and in the video itself, a lot of these affiliates crushed it. Earlier today I recorded a webinar for hundreds of attendees who wanted to chaudhrry how to get started and profitable with CPA marketing in I actually started two live campaigns on the webinar and within 30 minutes of the webinar ending I started chaudjry get clicks tauher conversions on one of the offers.

See the screen shot below:. I have already added more traffic sources to this campaign and hope to hit leads before the end of the day for this campaign. This just goes to show that nothing happens until you take action and make things happen. If you enjoyed the webinar, please retweet or Like this blog post.

Welcome To Digital Sumo – Digital Sumo

If you gauhre any questions about CPA marketing, feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will answer it. You can order CPA Quantum at by clicking here. About a year ago I got involved with sending traffic to companies who have built co-registration paths that automatically optimize the advertisements shown to the audience.

For example, if you have job traffic, some of these companies have a job co-reg path that displays job gauehr offers that convert best based on your audience. Some of these companies will even go the extra step and build an entire co-reg path based on the type of audience that you have.

Basically chaudhy work as a revenue share between you and the co-reg network. Below is a full presentation on co-registration that was given at my Traffic-Leads-Conversions seminar last year, which explains this opportunity. I have also included Powepoint slides of the entire presentation.

Enjoy and I look forward to your comments. Below is a chaudury portion of his presentation where he talks about slicing and dicing a CPA offer and placing it on your own landing page.


Some CPA advertisers will allow you to do this while others may not, so use at your own discretion. Please give the video some time to load as it is a large file. A content gateway is basically a window that pops up to protect content on your web site until the user completes a survey or CPA offer. Once the user has completed the survey or CPA offer, the content gateway is unlocked for the user to access whether is a video or ebook. Below is an example of what vauher content gateway looks like when it protects the content on a web site.

Once an offer is completed, the content is unlocked for the user chaduhry access. Incentivized CPA offers are nothing new as they used to be plentiful a few years ago when they were at their peak.

But sometime afterincentivized CPA offers started to disappear. I am intrigued about the technology that these content gateways use and I think this could be a serious money maker for someone who was to do this full-time.

For example, content gateways will display offers based on the country the user is from and you also have the ability to control what CPA offers are displayed. Now, I have been digging around and speaking with other underground affiliates and the vast majority of affiliates who are making a lot of money with content gateways are generally doing it will illegal or copyrighted content such as movies and TV shows.

Content gateway networks are now cracking down on these rogue affiliates, but I am sure they will still find away to beat the system. Do you have any valuable ebooks or reports lying around that you think some people will fill out a survey to get?

There are a lot of possibilities, but they key thing to remember is that the content has got guher be worthwhile for the user to want to fill out a survey to access it.

I have just set up an account with the biggest content gateway network called CPALead. I will let you know how my experimenting goes with future blog posts.

If this is something that gaujer want to get into, you can also join: What are your thoughts on this CPA model and do you think it will survive. What different ways would you use content gateways?

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