A look at the movement of vendors between the to magic quadrants. Magic Quadrant (MQ) refers to a series published by IT consulting firm Gartner of market Gartner was the target of a federal lawsuit (filed May 29, ) from software vendor, ZL Technologies, challenging the “legitimacy” of . “Vendor complains in a very public blog post about Gartner’s Data Integration Magic Quadrant”. Magic Quadrant ‘ This year’s edition shows the biggest players dominating dots in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. . Gartner Magic Quadrant Puts Together Data Integration Leaders.

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The report, authored by James Richardson, Amgic Schlegel, Rita Sallam, and Bill Hostmann, states that established the business intelligence playing field as one dominated by megavendors. The big players in the BI landscape gobbled up smaller ones, essentially consolidating the BI grtner base. Merger-and-acquisition activity, however, often leads to a major commitment of time — time that vendors dedicate toward ironing out the kinks of a 2009 product line, essentially stunting any efforts at true innovation, according to the report.

That leaves only the remaining independent vendors as a source of innovation, Gartner says, and helps define them as belonging to the Niche Player or Visionary quadrant. The report calls “a year of transition” following “the vendor merger and acquisition turbulence of ” — a reference to the major acquisitions of Business Objects by SAP, Cognos by IBM, and Hyperion Solutions by Oracle. The report suggests that ” is likely to be a critical magc in which the total cost of ownership of BI comes under increased scrutiny, and its value as a decision-making tool in the toughest economic conditions is put to the test.


Gartner defines a BI platform as a software offering that delivers the following 12 capabilities:.

To a large degree, this year’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms is very similar to last year’s.

The other placements are as follows:. News relevant to the customer relationship management industry is posted several times a day on destinationCRM. The analyst firm expects the maglc intelligence market to experience sustained growth as the technology includes more users within an organization.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration to | Flickr

The market will experience more growth as the technology includes more users within an organization while application and suite providers enhance their own offerings. The research firm’s assessment of the business intelligence sector shows the two vendors joining SAS Institute, 200, Cognos, and Business Objects in the top segment.

In the qquadrant firm’s annual look at the consolidation-ridden corporate performance management space, Oracle’s Hyperion acquisition was the only one that made the cut — literally.

Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools ‘ Big-name companies populate the Leaders Quadrant as vendors and customers alike look to leverage data warehouses as mission-critical applications.

As the market for these tools continue to evolve, vendors continue to push towards a consolidated solution set.


Who is Your Leader in Hybrid Integration?

The 4 Hidden Costs of Business Intelligence. A new Aberdeen Group report contends that BI could cost your organization more than you think, but some investments can help avoid budget garhner. Growth in business intelligence software continues despite economic pressures. Citing heavy demand, the research firm unveiled its first-ever evaluation of nine vendors in the rapidly maturing space.

Magic Quadrant: Data Integration Tools | Informatica US

If you want to make the most of the developing business environment, you better start now. Economist Intelligence survey indicates that agile decision making is vital to operational efficiency and success — yet most firms’ ability to make good decisions needs improvement.

Enterprise solution provider is keeping busy with a new edition as well as a new addition. With the launch of its ReadiMetrix product family, the on-demand BI vendor hopes to deliver “insights-as-a-service.

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence ‘ Smaller vendors gain traction, but 75 percent of the market remains controlled by the top five vendors, with Oracle on top yet again. Oracle Brings Out Business Intelligence 11g.

February 9, By Lauren McKay. Gartner defines a BI platform as a software offering that delivers the following 12 capabilities: