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9780943396637 – Fundamental Ephemeris Computations by Paul J. Heafner

These allow a competent programmer to obtain the rectangular coordinates of the sun, moon, and nine major planets by means of a subroutine written in standard Fortran.

This ephemeris has been the basis of the Astronomical Almanac since It is based upon the dynamical equator and equinox of J JPLs latest ephemeris, created in May-June, The frames of DE and DE differ by no more than about 0.

DE is the same ephemeris as DE, though the accuracy of the interpolating polynomials has been lessened interpolation on the day mesh points remains exact, however. An active member of funadmental Catawba Valley Astronomy Club, Joe enjoys stargazing of all kinds, giving children their first view of Saturns rings through a telescope, and collecting rare mathematical astronomy and celestial mechanics books.

This is his first book. View Chapter 1 Requires Adobe Acrobat 96k file.


Fundamental ephemeris computations : for use with JPL data in PowerBasic and C

Within the last decade there have been many books dealing with the application of personal computers to general problems in celestial heaffner. So, the reader may ask, Why one more? The most evident reason is the use of approximations. Usually ephemeriw full verbal explanation of a procedure is given, but when the algorithm is programmed, approximations are often made that, in the final analysis, defeat the power of a computer.

Modern microcomputers are wonderful machines, never tiring of performing the same computations ehafner and over again until the user is satisfied with the result. While it is true that efficient coding often reduces the execution time, the point is that there is no need to make any great approximations until the very end of the computation.

For instance, it is generally accepted that it is useless to compute times of ephemeirs and sunset to an accuracy greater than one minute of time because of the uncertain nature of atmospheric refraction near the horizon and the constantly changing local meteorological conditions.

However, why not let the computer perform the computation to the full precision of the machine and then let the user round the result to the nearest minute of time?

Another major problem with existing computer-oriented astronomical books is that there has been little or no effort to adopt the computational algorithms used for the preparation of data in the national almanacs, particularly the U. Naval Observatorys Astronomical Almanac. So the primary goal of this book is to present a library of useful PowerBASIC and C subprograms and functions that can be combined to make powerful application programs.


Care has been taken to present ephemmeris results of computations in the same form as the corresponding data in the Astronomical Almanac and at least to the same precision. This book is the only one describing how to obtain, process, and use the official Jet Propulsion Laboratory ephemeris data files. The JPL ephemerides form the basis of practically all of the national astronomical almanacs, including the Astronomical Almanac. In this book the author gives explicit instructions on how to retrieve them from JPL and put them into a usable form.

– Fundamental Ephemeris Computations by Paul J. Heafner

Today, these gundamental are considered to be the final word on planetary ephemerides, and now the serious non-professional who wants to make use of them can do so.

Table of Contents Preface iii 1 Introduction 1 1. Activation requires a response to an email that we will send to this address.