I agree that my personal data, in particular my name and my email address is collected and stored by Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH in Germany . The Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) system used at RCH is the Fresenius cycler, used with balance bags and lines. Fresenius.

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When you are satisfied that you have the correct regimen, press the blue forward arrow to proceed with setting up machine. Changes in weight due sleepdafe lifestyle, calorie intake, disease and hydration status need constant monitoring and adaptation of PD therapy.

Intro Guided prescription Training support Convenient handling Simple installation. These differences have a decisive impact on the required PD treatment: It is an important parameter to check PD adequacy.

Patient A – Elisabeth: Automatic recognition of solution glucose strength reduces errors. Important parameters for successful PD: Permitted patient volume – which is the maximum individual fill volume Permitted slefpsafe volume – which is the maximum volume, which may remain in the patient’s peritoneal cavity.

sleep•safe harmony peritoneal dialysis – Fresenius Medical Care

These differences have a decisive impact on the required PD treatment: Treatment continued for 2 years. Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries. Accepted and Confirmed Back to Homepage. Story The history of dialysis. The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Simple hand wash ensure visible dirt is removed and nails are clean 2. Weight Optimal management sleepsae weight is an important success factor in PD patients.


With time and increasing duration of stay on PD, patients tend to become fast transporter. Due to disease progression, UF decreased and urine declined to ml.

KGaA does not undertake any responsibility to update the forward-looking statements in this release. This contributes to the improvement of patient compliance and saves training time.

Patient is diabetic slow transporter and started receiving APD for about 2 years. Patients can be fast, average or slow transporters depending upon the status of their peritoneal membrane. Fresenius Medical Care uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service.

Age is an important factor influencing the choice of dialysis modality. Peritoneal membrane transport characteristics change with time on PD. I have the right at any time to revoke my consent regarding the use of my personal data by sending an email to sleepsafe-harmony fmc-ag.

KGaA’s reports filed with the U. The medical device and therapy related information on aleepsafe website is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals located within the European Union.


Patients with good dexterity and motivation are good candidates for PD.

Our apologies

Securities and Exchange Commission. Significant reduction of contamination risk steps using automatic bag connection fresenijs PIN technology. Ultrafiltration UF Due to compromised renal function, bodies own capacity to remove excess fluid also diminishes and patients need dialysis to generate UF.

The Fresenius Machine will require the cycler tubing sets to be changed every 24 hours. Create prescriptions directly on the device On screen keyboard Optimised fluid usage – no extra volume for priming. Note to the media: Patients can be fast, average or slow transporters depending upon the status of slewpsafe peritoneal membrane.