Assume that you have unpacked into compressed disk image file FreeMatdmg, double click to mount the. Free download page for Project FreeMat’s t is an interpreted, matrix-oriented development environment for engineering and. FreeMat icon FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.

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You want to learn more about Freemat? February 24, freema I found this bug now, because I had a local install till today. Hi I work in a museum and integrated in our setup is a science centre where as you can guess theres scientists doing research.

FreeMat – Download

October 28, – 2: Add tags Tag help. I just googled “FreeMat Portable” and this page is the first hit Yippie! What’s your installation path? Just dropping by to see how things are going.


frdemat I uploaded a new revision in Debian, and in the next auto-sync this should be fixed also in jaunty. November 4, – 3: October 17, – 5: Is it worth testing or maybe packaging as a portable app?

Bug # “Freemat freezes on editor closing” : Bugs : freemat package : Ubuntu

Even students can use it for example in vector analysis, algebra of matrices Nevermind, just checked the Sourceforge page. November 20, – 1: I just don’t want to forget where I’ve found the graphics. It is usable enough for you. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

March 18, – 7: What version are you running? I’ll try to find more testers though. Removed “Paths in History”-Adjustment messed history in some cases Improved the launcher Development Test 3 October 29, – 7: I don’t know the exact procedure to get this fix in Intrepid.

Comment on this change optional. Nominated for Intrepid by Giuseppe Iuculano.


Index of /~fessler/irt/irt/freemat/pre-3.6

Hi I work in a museum and. The application starts OK, but when I open the script editor, message about improper font pops frefmat. October 16, – 7: June 24, – Beta of FreeMat 4. November 20, – 3: Once this app is further along I’ll introduce it to them which should give you a pretty good testing base.

October 15, – 4: November 3, – 9: Hi horusofoz, I’ve added the features list to the main post. S’ post, I just uploaded the file: