There are several mnemonics for the difference between a Galeazzi and a Monteggia fracture-dislocation: GRIMUS MUGR (pronounced as mugger) FROG . A Galeazzi fracture is defined as a fracture of the radius associated with dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint. Treatment in children and adolescents is usually. Schlüsselwörter. ○▷ Galeazzi-Fraktur. ○▷ Galeazzi like lesion. ○▷ modifizierte Klassifikation. Galeazzi Fractures: our Modified Classification and. Treatment.

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Open reduction with fixation of the radial fracture using plates and screws, transfixation of the DRUJ, and immobilization with an above-elbow plaster cast led to good functional results and therefore is recommended as the preferred treatment in adult patients [ 101316 ]. We propose the different directions of displacement are caused galeazzo different mechanisms of injuries; a posterior displacement of the ulna is caused by a longitudinal force on the arm in supination, whereas anterior displacement is more likely if the hand is in a pronated position.

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As part of this study, galezzzi radiographs were revisited to identify all children with Galeazzi lesions and were viewed by three of the authors RE, GS, JS who were blinded to the results. According to the guidelines of the local ethics committee, informed written consent was not required for this retrospective study.


Perform closed reduction of the radius, then immobilize the forearm in a long arm cast in supination. How important is this topic for clinical practice? In both cases, the lesion was not recognized at admission or during surgery. Case 5 Case 5. Four patients were treated operatively.

A year-old girl sustained a refracture of the radius and an additional fracture and dislocation galazzi the ulna. See the Guidelines for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence.

File:Galeazzifraktur – 33jm – Roe ap und seitlich – 001.jpg

L6 – years in practice. All remembered falling on the hand but could not remember the exact position of the hand at the time of impact. Voigt C, Lill H. Unable to galeazzk the form. As a consequence of intramedullary fracture stabilization, the patient had hypoesthesia frxktur the area of the superficial radial nerve over the first extensor compartment.

Results are classified as excellent 0—2 pointsgood 3—8 pointsfair 9—20 pointsor poor 21 points or more.

File:Galeazzifraktur – 33jm – Roe ap und seitlich – jpg – Wikimedia Commons

In the pediatric population, good results after closed reduction and casting have been reported [ 1019 ]. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads.

Case 2 Case 2. Bumper fracture Segond fracture Gosselin fracture Toddler’s fracture Pilon fracture Plafond fracture Tillaux fracture. Anterior interosseous nerve AIN palsy may also be present, but it is easily missed because there is no sensory component to this finding. What should be further treatment plan.


Introduction Children and adolescents frequently present to emergency departments with fractures of the forearm [ 17 ]. Radiographics full text – Pubmed citation.

File:Galeazzi-Fraktur Roentgen ap und seitlich – – – Wikimedia Commons

However, researchers have been unable to reproduce the mechanism of injury in a laboratory setting. In cases of distal forearm fractures, a possible Galeazzi lesion should be considered. In a year-old boy with a Galeazzi fracture of the right arm, an A AP view and B lateral view at the time of admission show palmar dislocation of the ulna and a fracture of the radius in the distal third. However, some state that the latter is an isolated radial fracture without distal radioulnar dissociation.

Basilar skull fracture Blowout fracture Mandibular fracture Nasal fracture Le Fort fracture of skull Zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture Zygoma fracture. Forearm trauma may be associated with compartment syndrome. What would be your next step in treatment for this patient?

Reduction was performed with the patients under general anesthesia in all cases. Unfortunately, our patients could not describe the exact mechanism of injury. A An AP view and B lateral view are shown immediately after repositioning and plaster casting of the same patient as in Figure 1.