OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for the AUXILIARY IDLE CONTROL MODULEExclusively for Ford Trucks with L DIT Diesel Engines Powertrain Control S. Press any arrow key to toggle Manual RPM Control function. Press ACTIVATE/ DEACTIVATE (FORD OVAL) key to proceed to the next step in programming. inside before operating pto muncie power products, inc. ford apcm manual pdf started finding ford apcm manual, and you are right to find the biggest collection.

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L Diesel To aid in installation, first gain access to the connection points. Inputs are provided in the wiring harness for an electrical vernier potentiometer-type input. Since we cannot actually see what is going on inside the computer More information. No programming is required for Remote Charge Protection, however the installation of a remote switch is required.


RPM Control mode can be activated from in-cab, from a remote location, and can be programmed to activate automatically on engine start-up. The Installation Instruction sheet in the kit describes the set-up of this module to the maunal, including mounting bracket. The switch is not included in the kit.

These are not adjustable. Step 1 Section 3. Vehicles with non-Ford alternators in Charge Protection Mode may experience battery undercharging or engine speeds that seem excessive. Check vehicle model year. Quality industrial switches with gold contacts are recommended for contact durability due to the low current.


Andrea forr Rovereto 33 c.


Charge Protection mode can only be activated with all vehicle interlock conditions met, the APCM is for stationary use only. It should be connected to a normally open contact.

The remote switch will function the same as the [FORD] key on the module. Vehicle is stationary 7. Keep in mind the RPM values are engine speeds and proper conversion to PTO speed is necessary refer to table below for 4R applications.

Do not bypass reading the manual prior to installation as you may. Voodoo Lab, Control Switcher. This requires that a remote switch is installed, which is described in Section 6. RPM Control light is off. This is Menu A. This, along with many other products that Dakota Digital has to offer.

Ignition Coil “A” Primary. The default settings are appropriate for most idle control applications. T and C Series: The switches selected should be able to handle a 5VDC, 20mA nominal signal. The third step in RPM programming mode is to adjust the down ramp rate.

The recommendation is to use Charge Protection mode with Ford alternators. Step 1 Program the PTO lower limit. The PTO lower limit works as “maximum PTO clutch engagement protection” by allowing the PTO output driver to turn on only if engine speed is below the programmed lower limit. Revision Update Revision Date. The Custom Input Voltage should sweep between 0 and 5V. Menu 5 should be set to “BASE” mode.

Fordd the yellow PTO output to an external 12V electrical load. Quality industrial switches with gold contacts are recommended for contact durability due to the low current.

  20A UM001 EN P PDF


If you want to change how fast the engine speed ramps up, Menu B matters to you. Roll down window to avoid locking keys in vehicle during installation Avoid mounting components More information.

Parking brake is set 2.

Save by pressing the [FORD] key until programming mode is exited. Because overshoots are best corrected with the Powertrain Control Module, this value should not be re-programmed, and should be left at “I” level or lower. Refer to the Power Take-Off manufacturer’s owners guide for latest specifications.

We are excited to be able to provide this product to you and we are certain that it will fulfill your performance. Can read 4 vehicle tires and 2 or 4 trailer tires.

Included is a forrd and More information. The default is RPM. Final exam review–simple harmonic motion. If you have a CDI capacitive discharge ignition system please contact us at support n2mb. The SETR is identical except for the color, wherein it has black switches on a black More information. To save the new ramp up rate modifications, the [FORD] key must be pressed to enter and save the changes.