Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sara Gruen is the author of the New York Times bestseller Water for Elephants and Riding Lessons. She lives with her. “Flying Changes reminds me how unpredictable life is Even if you are horseless (my deepest sympathies), you will love this novel” —RITA MAE BROWN. Buy a cheap copy of Flying Changes book by Sara Gruen. Anxiety rules Annemarie Zimmer’s days-the fear that her relationship with the man she loves is .

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Not as good as W. Sep 21, Savannah Stone rated it it was amazing.

I still can’t picture ever getting on one but I can now see why so many people love horses and everything else to do with them. Annemarie was the absolute worst in the first book, and despite her still have many flaws in here, she wasn’t nearly as annoying to me.

Other editions – View all Flying Changes: The story is about three horsewomen, most notably, Annemarie Zimmer, a 40 year old single mother of Eva, Will he forgive her little tantrum? I can’t believe this is the same author as Water for Elephants. Oh the grien boyfriend and subsequent crazy misunderstandings! Annemarie is also finding it difficult flyinf come to terms with her ex-husband, Roger, being a new father flylng baby Jeremy.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jul 03, stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: Your money would be better spent buying more interesting things, like a loaf of bread or a box of paperclips. While her “knight in shining armor,” Dan, is her strength right now, she often finds herself holding up one end of his vet practice while chanhes travels around rescuing mistreated horses.


I read this because, as the friend who suggested it said, “it’s about horses and it’s easy to read”–and I’d read the first book. Fantastic — I had no idea there was still melodramatic horse fiction for grownups!

Flying Changes (Annemarie Zimmer, book 2) by Sara Gruen

It is SO off-putting, and anyone who knows anything about Dressage would laugh and roll their eyes. Anyway, the book starts out with lots of horse stuff and I was a bit put off by it, but figured h A friend gave me a bunch of iPad books and this was among them; I don’t know how I didn’t realize that flyng author was the same as Water for Elephants, but when I finished and realized it, a lot made sense.

Liar liar pants on FIRE.

I really like the author’s writing style. Annemarie is human in every sense of the word, which is sometimes difficult to find in novels nowadays.

Mar 25, Mary Catherine rated it really liked it. Gruen fills a world with explanation but she tells it as part of a story rather than a documentary-like setting that might read as an encyclopedia. It’s rare for a sequel to be better than the first novel, but this is certainly true of “Flying Changes” compared to “Riding Lessons”. Jan 24, Diane rated it liked it. Jan 11, Jenniferpawlik rated it did not like it. I liked Water for Elephants actually but it had some depth to it and some good character development.


Her mother, Mutti, and Austrian “character” also lives with them on their horse farm, where they teach riding lessons. Although you could easily read it and enjoy it without having read Riding Lessons.

Flying Changes

But the story itself is solid, and I’m finishing these books feeling satisfied. Yeah, sure you did, you flaming asshole- as soon as you realized how bad you screwed rguen you ran out he ran to Jared!

What do you think? It was free Things I hated: Let’s get one thing out of the way right now; I think safa people are on the crazy side. Based on this and the first book of the seriesit’ll be a cold day in Hades before I read anything else by Gruen, including any NYT bestsellers.

Didn’t love it, but I liked it a lot.

To be honest it was a little predictable but i still loved it. This one is written by the author of the “goodread” Water for Elephants and it took me one long night to read it. This book is one of my favo I love this book so much, I really understood it. Trivia About Flying Changes R Once again a shallow treatment of serious things.

It goes without saying that Ms. Refresh and try again.