Appendix A – M24 Fluokit Disposal Procedures. Fluokit Indoor Ring Main Units contain Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas as an insulating medium which is. AIR INSULATED SWITCHGEAR. FLUOKIT M+ MV modular switchgear up to 24kV. Technical Specifications. AREVA T&D. Summary. Cubicle equipment. FLUOKIT M+ cubicles include the following features: Operating Cubicles in the FLUOKIT M+ range all have functional . Fluokit M24 & M24+ meets your.

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Symbols and important safety informations. Definition of the substations. Access to the substation.

ECOFIT Fluokit M24/FP

Other technical notices to be consulted. Installation of the switchboard. Switchboard back-to-back against a wall or not, with internal arc fluomit.

Examples of the installation of Functional Units with internal arc deflectors. Reserve opening for connecting the earthing cable. Installing the Fluoiit Units to the floor. Geometry of the cable trough. Altitude of the connecting points in relation to the cable flanges other than mounting base. Work on the Civil Engineering structure.

Advice that is appropriate for the various types of cable troughs.

Layout on a type 2 cable trough, with width of more than 50cm. Preparation of the sections. Levelling the profile sections. Reserve opening at the extremity of each rail. Pouring the cement top coat. Case fluooit a type 2 cable trough. Preparation of the frame in profile sections.

Installation of the frame.

Installation of the switchboard at height, on a frame. Layout of the Functional Units. Schneider Electric, the Schneider Electric logo and their figurative forms are Schneider Electric registered trademarks. The other brand names mentioned within this fluokih, whether they be copyright or not, belong to their respective holders. Schneider Electric request the carefully reading of the following instructions in order to familiarize yourself with the product in this document before trying to install, operation, put into service or conduct the maintenance on it.

Our products are fully quality controlled and tested at the factory in accordance with the standards and regulations currently in force.

The correct functioning and lifespan of the product depend on respecting the installation, fluuokit and exploitation instructions found in this manual. Not respecting these instructions is likely to invalidate any guarantee.

Local safety requirements which are in accordance with these instructions, especially those regarding the safety of product operators and other site workers, must be observed. Schneider Electric declines any responsibility for the following points: The interventions described are carried out on de-energized equipment in the course of being installed or locked out non operational.

Except when it is imposed, the wearing of the gloves has been voluntarily limited in this manual so as to have clear visuals of the hands and operations described. Symbols of information 06 Code for a product recommended and marketed by Schneider Electric 21 Nm Tightening torque value Example: The durations for completing the operations mentioned given in the maintenance tables are purely an indication and depend on on-site conditions.


Protection equipments Only qualified and accredited people can operate on our products. They must be equipped with all the correct protective equipment required for the task being performed. The safety alert symbol shall not be used with this signal word. Contacts Group Schneider Electric service centers are there for: They allow operating personnel to penetrate into the substation n24 work in them sheltered from bad weather.

Access to the substation Substation access must remain free at all times and under any circumstances. It is therefore generally installed on the side of the road. Passages must be designed to permit easy maintenance for all of the substation’s elements circuit dluokit, transformer, etc.

Fluokit M24+ – Mechanical control C – CM – Operation – Maintenance | Schneider Electric

Beyond this, account must be taken of the decrease in dielectric withstand. For these specific cases, contact the Schneider Electric Sales Department. The average water vapour pressure over a period of 24 hours must not exceed 22 mbar. The average water vapour pressure over a period of one month must not exceed 18 mbar. Also prevent any penetration by small animals such as rodents, snakes, lizards, etc. The room must be equipped with standardised high level and low level ventilation.

Installation of the switchboard The positioning of the Functional Units is primordial for: Certain passages must be sufficient for free movement and execution of operation and maintenance manoeuvres, – leave the room’s access door free, – take all measures to prevent all incidence of climatic conditions humidity, pollution, etc. For any assistance or advice, contact the Schneider Electric After-Sales department.

Substation installation requirements The substation must be sheltered from flooding and any infiltrations.

No ducts of any kind must pass through the substation’s immediate environment without special protection sheaths or ducts. This condensation can be avoided by an appropriate lay-out of the room or of the building suitably adapted ventilation, air driers, heating etc.

The delimitation of the civil engineering layout depends on the type and quantity of materials to be installed refer to the following chapters. Nevertheless, if the room’s architecture does not permit this type of installation, other options exist in order to meet the requirements of Standard IEC FLR rear access, internal arcing etc.

Respect the imposed distances see chapter 5. It must be possible to enter or withdraw items of equipment without any handling difficulty. Do not place Functional Units below any ventilation grilles, air vents, or air conditioning grilles or in the immediate proximity of glass tile panels in direct contact with the outside.


The switchboard must not be exposed to any solar radiation. A direct exposure can lead to excessive overheating of the low voltage racks. Cable troughs and ducts must be blocked up to avoid: Rear deflectors Wall fixing bracket mm min. Generally this depth [P] is equal to generally higher than the bend radius of the cables [R].


The length of the cable is calculated as a function of the altitude [A] of the connecting point. They are routed along a cable trough or trench or through floor openings. These openings are to be calculated and carried out at the same time as the installation of the equipment to the floor.

Floor openings under the Functional Units 6.

FLUOKIT M+ 24kV | Schneider Electric

In this case a mounting base is added to the lower part of each Functional Unit in order to facilitate the penetration of the cable and respect the bend radius necessary for its connection. The dressing of a top coat of cement using a rule should eliminate any surface irregularities greater than 2 mm per metre.

Layout on a type 2 cable trough, with width of more than 50cm Whenever the width of the cable trough exceeds 50 cm, it is necessary to fit the longitudinal support irons to support the left and right-hand uprights for each Functional Unit.

The irons also serve in levelling the cement topcoat. M12x30 hook bolt 8. Preparation of the sections Two profile sections must be laid out, one at the rear and one at the front, in the lengthwise direction of the switchboard.

Fit shims below the sections 1 and 2 to set their level. They must be in the same horizontal plane. Pouring the cement top coat Block off the irons to avoid penetration of cement into the rail. On the un-surfaced exposed concrete, pour a top coat of smooth finish, without ballast.

Brosur Cubicle Fluokit m24

Its thickness must be about 40mm of cement dosed at kg of CPA. U section 32x20x2 2.

Painted sheet steel 2 mm thick. Each profile flluokit comprises, every mm, a fixing plate welded and drilled with 2 holes of It is necessary for anchoring the profile sections to the floor.

Complete this assembly by the lateral irons. Make up a frame composed of two profile sections, laid out, one at the rear and one at the front, in the lengthwise direction of the switchboard. It will fluokkit the reference point for levelling the irons. Position and adjust the rails in height by acting on fluokjt adjusting nuts. Pouring the cement top coat On the un-surfaced exposed concrete, pour a top coat of smooth finish, without ballast.

Its thickness must be about 70mm of cement dosed at kg of CPA. The height of the top coat must arrive between 0 and 2mm below the height of the irons. Smooth finish top coat Un-surfaced exposed concrete 9. Realign the passage on the front inner edge of the cable trough. This opening fluokut have a section of about 40x40mm to allow for the passage of the 25mm2 cable. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.