la siguiente presentación trataremos diversos aspectos que tienen relación con el aprendizaje mediado: Teoría según Reuven Feuerstein. Transcript of Reuven Feuerstein. Principios 1. Los seres humanos son modificables 2. Yo soy capaz de modificar al individuo 3. Yo mismo.

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At this point, it is necessary to state that teachers do not need to consider how to include the twelve aspects of mediation in each proposed activity. Teachers need to make it clear to the students that they have a right to their own uniqueness. Although it is a semi-controlled activity, pupils might feel free to talk about the different given items and come up with their own ideas. When they have finished, the mediator collects the descriptions, pins them up around the classroom and asks students to walk around, reading the descriptions and making a list of at least ten described objects.


Active Participation and Shared Conduct Group work activities are one of the most effective strategies mediators have to develop and encourage a sense of self-confidence, co-operation and participation in their pupils. Mediators might help by discouraging impulsive behaviour in their students. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. The teacher explains the purpose of the activity in order to help learners to see the value at a learning level.

Before starting, chairs are arranged to resemble a train compartment, with pairs of students facing each other. When learners develop their abilities in the acquisition and development of concepts and cognitive operations, they also learn social strategies for the development of competencies that permit them to establish, co-ordinate and cultivate good personal and work relationships.


As language teachers we feerstein enrich and qualify our teaching process by facilitating the learning processes of our pupils with all the tools and strategies provided by the mediation. Awareness of Change The teaching-learning process makes evident the weaknesses and strengths our pupils have. It is an individual activity and it may reflect a particular style, way of thinking and feeling.

Teachers present all their students the same material, the same information and the same teaching strategies. They lead and motivate the corresponding answers while explaining why one answer is more useful and effective than others.

The mediator accepts, helps and motivates his children as unique beings with independent and divergent thought processes with regard to other pupils and even the teacher. Mediators need to control the activity by guiding pupils directly or indirectly to listen attentively, to take turns, to avoid aggressive or disrespectful attitudes.

At the beginning, it is the mediator who guides, controls and evaluates the way pupils internalise information, but students must gradually transform themselves into active, dynamic and autonomous individuals, able to generate self-evaluation mechanisms that will allow them to take the initiative to direct their own learning processes.

In order to achieve these goals, it is, first of all, necessary that the teaching-learning process occur in a positive climate created by reciprocal support, tolerance, respect, confidence, empathy and productive work. The mediator encourages challenge and hard work through the selection and assignment of activities that are sufficiently difficult to provide a challenge, but are achievable.

Regulation and Control of Conduct The mediation experience provides alternatives that allow pupils to consider possibilities before making any decision.

Significance Mediators need to be careful to choose the activities for their pupils. Sense of Competence This mediation characteristic is related to the mediaso and efficacy an educational process should have when learners feel competent and capable of learning. Group feuersteein activities are one of the most effective strategies mediators have to develop and encourage a sense of self-confidence, co-operation and participation in their pupils.

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La experiencia de aprendizaje mediado y las implicaciones del mediador. At the same time, it is vital to ensure and verify that our students have understood what is required and what is expected of them, and that both parts are capable and well-disposed to apprendizaje the intended goals.

The teacher gives the pictures out, and tells students not to show their picture to any one else. Searching, Planning and Achieving Objectives As this criterion implies guiding students to achieve their individual and group goals In the given activity, the individual goal is to write a descriptive paragraph.

Through an activity like this, students are not only socialising but negotiating, sharing knowledge, feurestein, and are learning to respect what the others say. Mediation is based on learning models that are based on individual differences, cognitive functions and styles, which characterise pupils according to their age and developmental stage.

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That is why it meidado so important that the experiences offered in one field or the other be the most meaningful, positive and formative. It is easier for pupils to plan how to accomplish the objectives if they have all the elements or at least most of them required for carrying out the activity beforehand.

Additionally, teachers need to organise the activity from the beginning to the end. Not all pupils have the same knowledge and level of understanding, but all of them can do what is proposed. A social constructivist approach.