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There’s depth details about persecution especially during Diocletian Era, I could not digest a lot. The line of the bishops, by which the doctrine of apostolic succession is supported, is quite thorough, including occasional biographical sketches, as is the case with the emperors. Next, he quotes extensively from Josephus to document the history of cesareeia Siege of Jerusalem.

Nov 15, Alexander Rolfe rated it really liked cesaria. He devoted his longest chapter, 8, almost exclusively to him. Josephus is relied on heavily as a historical source, as Eusebius had a limited command of Hebrew. Of course, having received this book for Christmas influenced this decision somewhat. It’s not terribly well written, but it makes up for that in its interesting subject matter. I bought this book to continue learning about the beginnings of the Church.

Bishop Eusebius, a learned scholar who lived most of his life in Caesarea in Palestine, broke new ground in writing the History and provided a model for all later ecclesiastical historians. Sep 20, Mariangel rated it really liked it. Sep 21, Josh Wilson rated it really liked it. A fascinating and disturbing read. Eusebius is a scholar, I learnt a lot of new things from this book. Want to see apostolic succession of the thrones of the five different sees of early Christendom?

Some of the episodes within that fascinating period of our Christian heritage are told here in this book. Although the Gospels and Acts are unquestionably accepted by Eusebius as divine, the Epistles seem to be still under debate, and he very openly speculates eusehio Revelation may not be an inspired text.

Major source on the early Church naturally as Eusebius was active in the eastern Mediterranean there is much less information about what was happening in the western part of the Roman Empire and even less about what was happening beyond the boundaries of the Empire in Armenia and Georgia.

Oct 02, Ceesareia rated it liked it Shelves: When he had offered up the Amen and completed his prayer, the men in charge lit the fire, and a great flame shot up. If you’re interested in the text, they might be worth a look – and if you’re planning to read it in the future, they point you in the direction of some of the more interesting things to look eusehio for.


He showed how God eeusebio care of His people throughout history and brings them through dreadful persecution. He was not a disinterested historian by any means, nor did he write history as we think of it today. This is an important book because it is the only surviving historical record of the Church during its first years.

It is amazing how many busts of emperors and other great men still survive. Today we like to hope our historians are completely objective, that they treat objective cesareai objectively. Eusebius writes about the beginnings of the Church in a very thorough way, though his thoughts jump occasionally, making him repetitive, specially when talking about heresies.

A good deal of the chapter is given over to discussing the life of Polycarp, who proved very hard to kill. These would all be classed with the Disputed Books, but I have been obliged to list the latter separately, distinguishing those writings which cwsareia to the tradition of the Church are true, genuine, and recognized, from those in a different category, not canonical but disputed, yet familiar to most churchmen; for we must not confuse these with the writings published by heretics under the name of the apostles, as containing either Gospels of Peter, Thomas, Matthias, and several others besides these, or Acts of Andrew, John, and other apostles.

Once, Eusebius gets to the years of his life, however, and speaks of the persecutions that some faced, I was reminded that American Christians, a For my latest history fix, I decided to go way back to the first years after Christ. Not a few of his family members and friends were martyred for their faith, going willingly, even joyfully to their deaths.

As I read, I took some notes which I’ve included belo Eusebius’s account of the early church is one of the most valuable sources of Ecclesiastical history that we have. This is an excellent translation and the list of “Who’s Who in Eusebius” at the end of the book is an awesome resource. It proceeds chronologically and systematically, documenting the growth of the Church as it spread from Jerusalem throughout the whole of the Roman Empire and beyond.

Eusebius is sometimes skeptical of the authorship of Biblical books so this initially took me by surprise. Its language and style, however, were off-putting to my efforts.

Dois tratados plotinianos em Eusébio de Cesaréia

Return to Book Page. In tracing the history of the Church from the time of Christ to the Great Per Eusebius’s account is the only surviving historical record of the Church during its crucial first years. In tracing the history of the Church from the time of Christ to the Great Persecution at the beginning of the fourth century, and ending with the conversion of the Emperor Constantine, his aim was to show the purity and continuity of the doctrinal tradition of Christianity and its struggle against persecutors and heretics.


The most amazing “historical” record that supplements a lot of euebio missing gaps in the New Testament, especially regarding the martyrdom and eventual apostasy of the church. As he was an eyewitness to some of them I do not doubt his testimony and he gives other first person narratives as well. It seems that the Early Christians had to face internal threats heresiesexternal threats ridicule, persecutionthis is simply too much cesareiia Handle cesadeia God blessed them.

Early Christian history and the political changes it created in Israel, Palestine, Roman and Egyptian history. Second, for the first three centuries of the Church, there was neither a central church nor a central individual in the Church. Cesarsia when things go well for Christians, he eusdbio it to God’s providence.

His work provided the model for later hidtorians to follow.

História Eclesiástica Eusébio De Cesaréia

It helps one understand how what we call the ‘New Testament’ was created and preserved, and a fascinating look at the network of early churches and their relationship. Dec 08, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: If you want to know the story, this is as good a place to start as any.

But that is just my subjective view. This is not meant to be a critique of the Roman church today, merely an observation. Personally I think writers can never be completely objective no matter how hard they try. He spends a little more time discussing Marcion, cesadeia is a fascinating ek, but the treatment is still ultimately brief.

It seems only Matthew through Acts were conclusively accepted canonical texts in his period. The reason is because his hero was so remarkably intelligent most could not even understand his writings well-enough to see how they would be controversial. Next, in Eusebius’s typical style, there are a number of extended accounts of the deaths of martyrs.