Such is the case in Eliot Schrefer’s dazzling, big-hearted novel “Endangered,” which has been named a National Book Award finalist in the. Schrefer (“The Deadly Sister”) presents the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos — and herself — from a violent coup in the Congo. In ENDANGERED, Eliot Schrefer plunges us into a heart-stopping exploration of the things we do to survive, the sacrifices we make to help.

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In response, I might ask whether our being fascinated by and caring about the multitude of creatures xchrefer whom we share this planet is one of the very things that makes us or makes some of us human. The torn apart setting of the not so Democratic Republic of the Congo is a place rarely visited in young adult literature, and rarely endangsred so well.

I was very interested in what he has to say about why bonobos are so radically different from chimps, and the implications this has for humans.

Readers should be warned that they will fall in love with bonobos. She didn’t trust the guy especially living in such a country where “bullet holes have bullet holes” as you read on pg Reading as a adult, sometimes it feels like Mr. Jan 16, Laura Resau rated it it was amazing.

Shucks, bby mom owns a sanctuary and will be happy, right? Then war strikes and Sophie must flee unprepared with her only friend deep into the jungle. The end of the book also jumped remarkably quickly from Sophie being a young teenager to all of a sudden going to college and then suddently being engaged with no real mention of her fiance or anything that had happened in between.

July Endangered by Eliot Schrefer. Schrefer endangdred crafted an outstanding work about Africa, about bonobos, and about the complexities of the relationship we humans have with the world around us.

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I get it, she loves Otto with all her heart, but really? Instead of boarding the plane, Sophie bolts with Otto through the electrified fence into the bonobo sanctuary, a place that no one enters alone. Preview — Endangered by Eliot Schrefer. I do consider it my top read of One issue I had was with the first person narration.


I love marshmallows and endangeref twentieth century fiction. While on their way and nearing a checkpoint: Her love for bonobos and the sanctuary blossoms as she becomes the adoptive mother to Otto. Civil unrest breaks out and Sophie finds herself having to choose between being rescued by Unit Sophie is spending the summer with her mother, staying at her bonobo sanctuary in the Congo.

Endangered (Ape Quartet #1) by Eliot Schrefer

The first pages are jam-packed with so much detail and content, I felt like I had read and in a good way. For instance, we are faced with the question of whether or not Sophie should have saved the near-to-death Otto by paying that guy.

For I followed closely the conflict in Sierra Leone, a place I knew well long ago, and there are many commonalities to what has happened in the DRC; the drugged child-soldiers, the frightened villagers, the many dreadful things that have been reported from both regions are all too familiar to me.

Also as a passionate animal advocate, I recognize it is also very difficult for outsiders who focus on animal welfare, to comprehend the needs of a people in the depths of poverty. Schrefer is trying too hard to “hit the mark” to fit into that curriculum slot rather than writing compelling story for its own sake.

This is a book that will leave thoughtful readers with a bigger view of the world in all its beauty and in all its sadness, too. Amongst the decimation and evil, there are also some samaritans along the way, who, as is so often my experience in developing nation, share their little to help Sophie and Otto.


Endangered by Eliot Schrefer | Scholastic

One of the important questions ejdangered in this white-knuckle drama, is the basic question of why one should care about a bonobo in a country that has so much poverty and pain. For all reviewers schreder to dissect themes and metaphor and diction, the most important part of a book, for me, is how much you invest in When I read a book, I like to read it like I think a writer should.

Then Otto, an infant bonobo, comes into her life, endangerev for the first time she feels responsible for another creature. Eventually rebels enter the nursery and kill the staff and many of the babies and newly rescued, quarantined bonobos. Sophie herself is one resourceful girl, relying on her knowledge of bonobo behavior and survival skills to make it to the release site alive.


Feb 22, Emmy Gregory rated it it was ok. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the environment, fiction, or action. Lush and breathtaking, but dangerous and ominous, this novel becomes its own living and breathing entity, so much so that I had to close and reopen just to catch my breath. We also have no tail. Some might even say implausible. Why I like this book: Will readers experience the kind of pain that comes from reading about the suffering of apes and people?

It felt a little too pat endanvered me, especially the ending. The way she encounters each challenge is what makes this story unique.